Saturday, May 11, 2019

What the Boys Wore | Paz Rodriguez from Kolor Kids ♥

*Beau's outfit was gifted by Kolor Kids.

Children's fashion is something that is a passion of mine. The amount of hours I've spent trying to find unique, beautiful and comfortable clothes for my boys to wear is quite a lot! I'm a huge believer that boys clothes should be just as lovely as the offerings available for girls, yet sadly, most of the time it's hard to find beautiful clothes for boys.

It seems that fashion retailers are determined to adorn boys clothing with dark colours, dinosaurs, vehicles and weird motifs of animals wearing human clothing (who actually buys this stuff?!). This is why, since Tyler was a baby, I've chosen to source unique and beautiful boys clothing from online boutiques and websites and vintage finds from Ebay and Etsy.

One brand which I've recently discovered is Paz Rodriguez, which is sold via Kolor Kids - an online children's clothing website specialising in classic and beautiful looking clothing for both boys and girls.

Paz Rodriguez offers the most beautiful, delicate and elegantly designed clothing for children and this olive and green set (€82.90) that Beau is wearing could not be more perfect for summer. The quality is amazing! This would be a gorgeous outfit for a boy for a wedding or special occasion and the palm tree print on the shirt gives me all the summer vibes!

The outfit is 100% cotton, meaning it's smart looking but comfortable enough for kids to wear and Beau loved wearing his outfit with 'the trees'.

I think he looks so grown up in this outfit and so handsome. This is a perfect outfit for younger and older boys alike and Beau will be sporting this a lot during the summer months.

Kolor Kids offers a whole host of beautiful children's clothing and is definitely a place to look if you favour a more classic style for your little ones.


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