Monday, May 20, 2019

How Quilt Covers Can Change the Whole Look of Your Bedroom Easily ♥

I love interiors. I love making plans for my home and the different ways in which I'd like to style it and decorate it, however, making over rooms can be costly and a lot of time and effort - time being at a minimum when you've two young children to look after!

Simple ways in which I change the look of my home and in particularly, the look of my bedroom, is by changing up the soft furnishing from season to season.

It's amazing how much something as simple as changing cushion covers, curtains, throws and quilt covers can do to change the whole look of a room. For summer, the room I am concentrating on most is my bedroom. It's a north facing room, which really isn't ideal, but with the summer months upon us I'm trying to make the room as light and airy as possible.

I'm in need of new bedding and would love to find the perfect floral print - I think everyone knows at this stage just how much I love my floral prints! Yorkshire Linen offers king size quilt covers in various styles and materials. Book online and get them delivered to your doorstep.  No matter what your taste, you're sure to find something you love and that will tie in with your bedroom decor.

I absolutely love the floral bedding pictured above. For me it's the most gorgeous print and colour for summer and it's in my basket!

Changing up quilt covers is such a cost effective way of freshening up your bedroom decor too and with lots of affordable options available, buying a second set in either the same print or a different one if you really fancy changing things up, is ideal for times when one set is being washed.

There are lots of different materials and textures available too, meaning that you can choose something lightweight for the warmer months and something warmer and cosier for the colder months. The bedroom is our sanctuary, a place to retire after a long day and to relax, so having it comfortable, snug and styled to our tastes is essential.

Add complimenting accessories such as scatter cushions, throws and little trinkets around the room and you have a whole new look for not a whole lot of money.

If you're looking for even more bedroom inspiration and tips on how to freshen up your bedroom for the warmer months, check out my post on how to brighten up your bedroom for spring.

Do you change your quilt covers each season?


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