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Camping Inspiration & Activities For Families

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Holidays are something we look forward to each year and as our boys get older, we look for new holiday ideas and destinations for us all to experience together as a family.

It's no secret that we're outdoor lovers. You only have to look at our Instagram gallery to see how much time we spend outside (which is a lot!) and one holiday idea which would be amazing for us, and which we've yet to try, is camping.

I was never brought camping as a child, but it's definitely a holiday that I'd love to experience with my boys and I know they're outdoor loving selves would really enjoy it.

Camping these days doesn't have to be about roughing it in the middle of the countryside, pitching tents and bringing a whole host of equipment with you either. No, these days there's a new way to do camping, a more luxurious way that, at least to me, seems a whole lot more enjoyable for families!

There are now open-air hotels across Europe, such as Yelloh! Village offering a whole host of different camping accommodations for families - from tree cabins, cottages, furnished tents, gypsy caravans, mobiles homes, etc. - that let families enjoy all that an outdoor camping holiday, without compromising on little luxurious and home comforts.

Yelloh! Village offer beautiful campsites in stunning locations with a whole host of amenities such as evening entertainment and kids clubs, public bathrooms, entry to an aquatic park and sports grounds. They also have Wi-Fi, cleaning services, baby items, etc. for a small extra charge too.

Sounds like a dream, right?

Although I'm an outdoor lover and love spending time outdoors, I have to admit that this new, more comfortable style of camping sounds much more appealing to me than roughing in it a tent in a field!

I love to be at one with nature, but I still like to be able to get a good nights sleep at the end of a day of outdoor activities and use a proper toilet!

With open-air hotels such as Yelloh! Village, kids get the added activities of swimming and playing sports on their camping holiday, as well as kids entertainment.

What do you think of this new style of comfortable camping? Is it appealing to you as a family or are you all about nature first when it comes to camping?

If you're looking for even more ways to entertain the kids on your camping holiday, here is some inspiration - these are all things I'd love to do with my boys on our camping holiday.

1. Sing and toast marshmallows around a campfire - a campfire is a traditional camping staple, right? My boys love a sing-song and I know they'd love toasting marshmallows on a stick - they can never resist a treat!

2. Cook on a campfire - something as simple as cooking breakfast on a campfire can be a big deal to kids, so why not let the kids help sizzle some sausages or toast some bread on a campfire and enjoy a true camping experience breakfast.

3. Go on a hike - hiking is a great way of exploring your campsite area and for tiring out the kids! You'd be amazed at the hidden gems you can discover whilst hiking so pack your comfortable walking shoes and snacks/drinks for along the way and discover your surroundings on foot.

4. Teach the kids to fish - I can't say this is an activity I could partake in as the sight of fish isn't for me, but if your children are interested, during a camping trip is the perfect time to teach them how to fish. It also makes for a great bonding session sitting by the sea or lake and teaching them a new skill.

5. Go on a nature hunt - being surrounded by nature makes a camping trip the perfect time to go on a nature hunt with the kids. These days there are nature scrapbooks available where kids can write down all they spot in nature and if they want to go foraging, collecting leaves, drying flowers, etc. these can all be popped into the scrapbook to keep for their holiday memories too.

6. Stargazing - a camping holiday allows for late nights and (hopefully) clear skies which are perfect for stargazing. Lay down a blanket for all the family to lie on and gaze up at the stars. This is a particularly great activity if your children are interested in all things space as you can point out constellations and any visible planets to them.

7. Play board/card games - a camping holiday allows us to enjoy slow living and hopefully gives us a break from our normal every day lives. So why not take a break from technology and enjoy some good old-fashioned board and card games with the kids? I loved playing Monopoly and Draughts and a child and card games such as Solitaire, 31, Old Maid and Snap! and can't wait to introduce these games to my sons.

8. Lookout for wildlife - depending on where your campsite is situated, there's bound to be some gorgeous wildlife to spot from birds, native species and even deer. Kids love seeing animals and getting to interact with them if they can, so keep an eye out for any wildlife friends when camping.

Have you ever been camping as a family? Did you go for a more luxurious camping experience or the traditional 'back to nature' experience?


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  1. I've never been on a camping holiday, but reading your post and seeing your beautiful photographs, I'm now definitely considering it.


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