Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Unique & Amazing Holiday Ideas For Families ♥

Do you love to travel? If you're anything like us then you're already planning your next adventure as soon as you arrive home from one!

We love to travel, both as a family and as a couple and I thought I'd share some unique and amazing holiday ideas that are perfect for all the family - just to give you some family travel inspiration, what with the summer quickly approaching and all!

These family holiday ideas are slightly different from normal hotel or camping based staycations or sunny beach holidays but offer amazing experiences that are sure to make wonderful holiday memories to last a lifetime.

1. European River Cruise - how amazing would it be to go on a river cruise in Europe and see lots of different countries during one holiday? There are so many cruise routes and countries to experience within European and so many historic and amazing sights to see too. Depending on what time of year you choose to go on a European river cruise, there are also different things to experience such as festivals and Christmas markets.

With amazing places to visit, things to experience and beautiful sights to see, a European river cruise is definitely on my bucket list and the best thing is, there seems to be options to suit all budgets too.

2. Roadtripping in America
This is a holiday idea I spoke about when I shared my plans for my dream trip to the USA. The US has been on my wish list since I was a little girl and how amazing would it be to go on a road trip in America?!

Travelling by car is also a great way of experiencing a whole host of places in one trip and America has so much to offer in terms of activities and places of interest. I've followed along with Katie Ellison and her family's American road trips and they look amazing! They've also given me proof (and hope!) that these kinds of trips can be done with kids in tow!

3. 'Getting Back to Nature' break
Are you a family of nature lovers? Do you want to take time out from all things technology/social media based, embrace slow living and connect with nature? Then a wildlife ecolodge holiday would be perfect for you.

I've found an amazing sounding Swedish wildlife holiday that allows you to stay in the ultimate environmentally friendly accommodation - think candles and camp fires instead of electricity, a clear water lack with sauna instead of showers and a chance to holiday in pure nature! This is the ultimate getting back to nature holiday and is sure to leave all nature lovers happy, entertained and loving life during their break.

4. A Walking Holiday - Complete With A Donkey!
Yes you read that right, a donkey! If you and the kids don't mind walking (my boys are actually great for walking because they've had to walk up and down the hills in our hometown since they were toddlers!) then a walking holiday could be a fantastic way for you all to see the sights.

These walking holidays complete with an affectionate donkey companion that all the family are sure to fall in love with are available in France and the holiday itinerary sounds amazing! From hiking up diverse and beautiful landscapes, embracing nature along the trails and getting to experience the stunning lakes and waterfalls in all their glory, this is an alternative family holiday idea that is sure to bring lots of beauty - and exercise to all the family!

5. African Safari in Malawi 
I've always wanted to go on safari in Africa and after reading about Karen from Mini Travellers 14 nights in Malawi I'm left wanting to go even more! There are lots of luxurious and amazing places to stay while safariing in Malawi and they're ideal for families.

Africa is a continent with so much beauty and experiences to offer families and how amazing would it be to experience wildlife in their natural habitat and see zebra, giraffes, antelopes, birds and other African animal species living freely in the wild?! I know my boys would love seeing the wildlife - as would I.

6. Sleep in a Recycled Shipping Container at The Eden Project
If you'd like to stay a bit closer to home and experience a unique UK holiday then sleeping in a recycled shipping container at The Eden Project might just be the perfect staycation holiday experience for your family.

The Eden Project itself is such an amazing place that connects people with both each other and the living world. It has a lot to offer for families and getting to stay on site in a recycled shipping container - which look quite comfortable to be honest - would be a truly unique experience for any family.

7. Stay Where the 'Rainforest Meets the Reef'
I'm a huge fan of islands (I've lived on one all my life) and love to travel to new islands whenever I can - the more remote and quiet the better! Fitzroy Island off the coast of Cairns in Australia, is one of these beautiful, unspoiled islands that is perfect for families.

Kate from The Less Refined Mind describes her trip there - "When I visited in 2005 during a trip to Australia, it was completely unspoiled and utterly beautiful. There was a single hotel with a small restaurant, bar, and pool - all outside, of course. There was little to do except take in the stunning surroundings and be at one with nature. The wildlife included a very close encounter with a beetle the size of my hand (eek!), an iguana that came to say hello while I was sunbathing, and wild sulphur crested cockatoos, which were particularly poignant for me since I had a pet one growing up".

Have you ever experienced these unique and amazing holidays - or anything similar to them? I'd love to hear about any other unique and amazing holiday ideas for families and would be happy to add them to the list.


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