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4 Important Things To Consider When Buying A Used Car ♥

Buying a car can be quite a task. From researching where you're buying your car from to wondering how you're going to pay for it (finance, car loan or outright), it can be quite daunting at times.

I've been a car owner since I was 18 and I have never owned a brand new car. I had my first car for ten years and upgraded it last year to an SUV which was more family-friendly - my old car was only a three door and trying to get two children, including a baby seat into the back of that was quite a task, let me tell you!

My car upgrade, however, was not to a brand new car, but to another used car but I couldn't be happier with it. I chose not to buy a new car as I didn't want to take finance or a car loan out. I wanted to own the car outright from the moment I drove it out of the garage so that's exactly what I did and it's great to know that I own my car and have no weekly or monthly expenses to pay on it - bar insurance and car tax of course.

Today I thought I'd share some important things to consider when buying a used car, all from my own personal experience.

1. Buy from a reputable dealer
No one wants to drive out of a garage with a lemon of used car that they're going to have a lot of hassle with, so make sure you research the car dealer you're wanting to purchase from before putting down any money. A quick Google search and look at the dealership's or seller's social media channels should give you an indication on their customer experience and service.

From my experience, it's best to shop a dealership with a wide selection of cars so that you can find the best fit for you and your lifestyle - after all, a car is something you'll be using everyday so you'll want to make sure it's the right one for you. Check out KAP Motor’s huge collection of used Ford cars at its Brighton Centre for example, they have a great range available and in fabulous condition too. This is the type of place you'll want to buy a used car from as they have all the specifics and costs laid out clearly before you commit to a purchase.

2. Safety is a priority
If you're buying a used car it's important to make sure you do thorough checks before purchasing. Bring a mechanic or a family member who you know is knowledgeable about cars with you to the car viewings and let them check the specifics of the car and determine in just how good a condition it is.

I'm lucky that my family is quite knowledgable about cars so I was able to bring them along and check out the car before purchasing. Top tip though, don't forget to check the little details such as the electric windows and if they go up and down easily. Sometimes we can be so focused on the engine, interior, etc. when viewing a used car that we can forget about these little things.

Ask for a car history check, ask if the car has documentation of it’s service history, etc. and make sure that the car has not been involved in an accidents before purchasing.

3. Determine your budget
The most important aspect when buying a used car is the budget. Of course, when buying a used car you can get a better price tag and a whole lot more bang for your buck, but figuring out what you can afford and how you're going to pay it off is important too.

You could do what I did and pay for your car outright (after a lot of saving!) or take out finance or higher purchase and pay it off monthly. You need to decide which is the best option for you and your circumstances.

4. The Economical Aspects
It's important to take into account, when changing your car - the cost of insurance on the new car - whether it will be going up or down, how much tax you'll have to pay on the car each year and petrol/diesel costs (if you're going up an engine size). My  previous car was only a one litre and was quite cheap to run and tax, hence why I took ten years to change it - even after having two children!

I have gone to a 1.6 engine now which is more expensive to tax, takes a whole lot more petrol to fill up and has had a jump in insurance, but it was worth it for me for the comfort and safety of my family. After all, it's better to have a reliable car that you're not forking out on repairs for and one that's a better fit for our family.

By taking these four important things into consideration when buying a used car, you should be able to buy a great used car that you love and that most importantly, won't give you any problems. As I said, my first car, which was a used car, did me for ten years and I think that's a great testament as to just how great an option a used car can be.

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