Friday, March 15, 2019

7 Ways To Decorate Your Patio For Spring & Summer ♥

A well-made backyard or patio adds to the value of your home. Not only this, it helps you create another area, where you and your family can rejuvenate and entertain your guests.

So how can you make your patio the perfect hangout spot? Here are some creative and clever ways to spruce up your patio for the spring and summer months -

Quirky Furnishings
Do not be afraid to go all out on outdoor furnishings. Going all out doesn’t necessarily mean spending a ton of money. You could easily get eclectic patio furniture from flea markets and garage sales, at really affordable prices!

But apart from the essential pieces such as a dining table or a coffee seating, you can get an outdoor rug for an extra touch of cosiness. You can also add a pop of colour with weatherproof cushions and drapes.

For areas with unpredictable weather, there are beautiful waterproof sofas and chairs available, which will work just as well on rough days.

It is nice to have a combination surface for your patio. A mixture of solid flooring and a fresh pop greenery will give you more elements to play with. You can easily hire experts for paving patios in Dublin.

Creating a Cover
To make your backyard feel like a separate space, you can consider getting a marquee or a cabana. Not only the delicate draping will juxtapose wonderfully with the hard surfaces, but will also provide a form of shelter during rainy days and shade when it’s sunny.

However, not every patio is spacious enough for a cabana. If that’s the case then a lattice cover is an excellent alternative. Even though it it won’t perform well as a shelter, but will certainly add several points under the aesthetics category. You can also consider a teepee, if you want something compact but cute.

Light it up!
Most of the time the backyard space is not utilised well, simply because it’s dingy and no one likes dingy. So lighting is a key factor to create a warm and welcoming space.

It is understandable that an outdoor area will be difficult to light, since there is no ceiling or easily accessible power sources. This is when you can take the fun rustic route.

Create your own ceiling with strings of fairy lights or weave them though the lattice cover. Throw in a bunch of mismatched hanging lanterns for some extra flare.

Hammocks and Swings
Napping on a hammock on a warm afternoon is no less than paradise. Welcome this paradise to your own backyard by getting a hammock. It is cheap and quite easy to install.

If you want something more classy, then an old-wordly garden swing is the perfect choice.

Grilling Arrangements
Nothing is better than freshly prepared barbeque food - it's a must have on a scorching hot summer's day and you could get that luxury right in your own backyard! With a barbecue grill, you can host dinner parties or fun afternoon picnics and prepare delicious grilled food for your guests.

Keeping Warm
To create a truly warm space, you would need a fire pit. There are a variety of fire pits available. From wood pits, gas pits to water feature fire pits, there is something for everyone. If you have limited space, then you can get a fire table, which also available in several styles.

Make It Green
If gardening is not your passion, then it will be a struggle to keep the grass and plants alive. For those of us who lack green fingers, fake plants are the way to go. You could easily get artificial grass installed, which requires minimum maintenance and will remain fresh all year round.

There are a wide range of fake pants available, which you can barely differentiate from the real ones.
This is a one-time expense you will incur that will last you for many years.

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