Sunday, February 17, 2019

Dear Tyler, You Are Six Years Old ♥

Dear Tyler,

My little boy is six!

I'm still adamant that I'm not old enough to have a six year old child, but here you are, my happy, excitable, clever, energetic and beautiful boy, growing like a weed! It seems you grow over night because those pant legs get shorter each morning, your shoes get too tight and the sleeves of your jumpers ride higher and higher up you're arms. You're going to be a tall boy, I already know that and I don't think the days will be long coming when you're towering over me.

I am so incredibly proud of you, remember that always. I love your joy for life, your love for your friends, your incredible imagination, mind and stories. You keep us all entertained, make us laugh and smile everyday and although your stubbornness and strong-will can be hard to parent, I know these attributes will be so beneficial to you when you grow up.

You are doing fantastically in school, you're so clever and love learning - although not loving the homework as much! It amazes me to see how much you've learned in such a short space of time and I love that you're now able to join me in reading bedtime stories.

You're a great big brother and you ask me for a new baby almost every day. You and Beau do have your squabbles (usually over toys), but for the most part you're best of buddies - you're his LeeLee and he's your Beauzie. You dote on him, taking him out of his cot in the mornings, asking for 'huggies' and holding hands on the way to school. I love that you took to your big brother role so well and that you genuinely enjoy having a sibling.

At six your biggest love in life is your friends - you always want to be with your friends and love nothing more than playing in the playground with them after school. You always ask for play dates, always want to be surrounded by people. You're a little social butterfly - in total contrast to me!

Your next love in life and current obsession is Fireman Sam. You play with your Fireman Sam toys all the time and more of them was all you wanted for your birthday. You say you want to be a fireman when you grow up because it's brave and you want to help people.

I can't lie Lally, it's been quite sad waving goodbye to my five year old because five was such a great age, but I'm so excited for all the fabulous things age six will have for you. I know you want to go to Grandad in the summer on your own and Daddy wants to take you to South Africa to see your grandparents and meet your uncle and cousins for the very first time - so this year of your life will bring you lots of adventures for sure.

Happy sixth birthday my love, keep being you. I love you.

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