Thursday, February 07, 2019

5 Ways To Add Light To Any Room ♥

As the nights and mornings are slowly but surely becoming lighter and longer, you’ll probably be thinking about embracing Spring and Summer. One of the best things about these seasons is light. However, if you’re spending time indoors you may not be getting the benefit of the light from outside - that’s where interior design can help you. Here are my five tips on adding light to any room.

Bold Rug
A rug doesn’t just have to be a great way of covering some floor space or dedicating a specific area to something. Your rug can do wonders for the light in your room. If the room is looking a bit drab and it needs brightening up, a boldly coloured rug could be the solution. Going for something vibrant will add some spark to the room and it’ll feel like new.

Create Windows
If you don’t feel you have enough light in a certain room, take a look at the room planning. Is there an opportunity to create a window or door in a wall? Perhaps you could make an existing window wider or put bi-folding doors where a large window used to be. When you want to close the windows, you can add window shutters and even request them in a bright colour so they don’t darken the room too much while in use.

Hang More Mirrors
You can double the amount of sunlight that hits your room by adding mirrors to your walls. Not only will the mirrors reflect the sunlight from windows and doors, but they’ll also help to brighten your walls with the glass. Stairways are notoriously dark, but people don’t often know how to get light into these small spaces. Hanging multiple small mirrors up your stairway well help to brighten this small space and accessorise it at the same time.

Get Rid of Heavy Curtains
Yes, they’re great when you want to keep the sun out, but if you’re trying to bring more light in, they’re your worst enemy. If you’re using heavy curtains during Spring and Summer, consider replacing them with slimmer materials, like voile. Go for materials and shades that will allow sun to penetrate the room, even when the curtains are closed.

Metallics Attract Light
If you want to accessorise your home to suit light, metallics are your best option. Golds, silvers and coppers all act in the same way mirrors do. They attract and bounce off light, spreading it throughout the entire room. Golds especially complement an abundance of light and the light makes the gold even more attractive.

Trim Your Garden
If you happen to have large trees, bushes or even flowers that obstruct your window view, it’s time to cut them back. Not only will they add darkness to the room by covering a portion of your window, but they’ll also zap up the sunshine before it has a chance to get to you. Keep your garden trimmed regularly so you don’t miss out on the sun throughout the day.


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