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Top Tips To Get Back Into A Routine After Christmas ♥

The Christmas period is finally over, but for many people, trying to get back into a routine can prove really difficult. I found that this year, it's been extremely hard for the children to settle back into routine, so I've been trying my best to stick to a seven o' clock bedtime for them and settle back into our normal routines of fresh air each day, dinner, bath and bed.

After that weird time between Christmas and the New Year, our body clocks have a tendency to get really out of whack. This can lead to all kinds of issues such as fatigue, low mood and insomnia - I had really hard trouble sleep a couple of nights and was fearing I was getting insomnia, it was awful!

If you’re finding it hard getting back into a routine after Christmas, below you’ll discover some top tips that can help.

Getting back into a good sleep routine
One of the main things that suffers over the Christmas period is your sleep routine. It’s common to get used to going to bed later, sleeping in later and even having naps during the day. When you return to work, you obviously can’t keep this new routine up. So, you’re going to feel pretty tired until you establish a new sleep routine. 

Setting a specific time you’ll go to bed every night, along with creating a good sleep environment and improving your lifestyle to aid sleep, will help to combat the problem. One great sleep aid we have for the boys is the Lumie Bedbug. It's really helped them to drift off to sleep and they can turn the light on themselves on this incredibly dark mornings, which is a comfort to them. I've also just received the Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300 and it's such a lovely sleep aid with a sunset light, nature sounds, etc. to help me to drift off to sleep peacefully and wake up on time in the morning with it's alarm.

Pamper yourself

It’s surprising how much of a toll the Christmas period can have on our bodies. So, if you want to start feeling normal again, it’s a good idea to pamper yourself. Start by ensuring the home is relaxing. 

You can add luxury scents into the home to set the mood, then treat yourself to a candlelit bath, applying relaxing products to make the skin feel soft and revived. 

You may need to pamper yourself for a couple of days before you start to feel back to normal again. I have a spa day planned with a friend at the end of January to make sure I've fully pampered myself before getting on with the rest of the year. I think we all need a bit of pampering during dull and grey January!

Make small adjustments
When it comes to making changes to your routine, it’s best to do it gradually. Going from not exercising at all to attempting to do a marathon for example, isn’t going to help. Making any kind of extreme change to your routine will shock the body, causing a range of side effects. Therefore, it’s a much better idea to make gradual changes until the body can get back to normal. 

Find a workout buddy
If you’re struggling to get back into your fitness, finding a workout buddy can be useful. When you exercise with others, it holds you accountable. You’ll be much less likely to skip a workout if you have somebody else relying on you too and I find it makes the time go by a lot faster if you've someone to chat with on a brisk walk or in the gym. 

These are some of the best tips to help you get back into a routine after Christmas. You won’t instantly feel better overnight. However, if you get back to your normal routine gradually, you’ll notice you suffer from much fewer side effects such as fatigue, as you would if you tried to make sudden drastic changes.

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