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Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box February 2019 | Review ♥

*I was sent a Simply Earth subscription box for the purposes of this feature, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own.

I love subscription boxes! Not only are they a little treat to receive each month, but they also allow me to discover and experience things that I'd have otherwise never heard of.

Essential oils are something which I am just discovering and I began using two of them for health purposes late last year to help treat my psoriasis, so when Simply Earth got in contact asking if I'd like to receive one of their subscription boxes featuring their essential oils, I saw it as a chance to learn some more about essential oils and to try out a few others too.

Simply Earth are an American company but they ship worldwide and my box arrived in good time to me here in Ireland.

What I love about Simply Earth is that they promote 'a natural home made easy' and I'm into this so much. The older I get the more conscious I become about the products I use on my body and with my children, the cleaners I use around our home and everything else we come into contact with. I want our lives to be more natural and chemical-free and I love that Simply Earth are helping people to achieve this by teaching people how to use and how to make natural products for your home using essential oils.

The Simply Earth Recipe Box is $39 a month - which I think is a great price as I've seen how expensive individual essential oils can be! The boxes are valued at $150, so you really are getting a bargain for $39.

You can purchase a recipe box monthly, quarterly or as a one-time purchase. What I find reassuring is that Simply Earth allow you to pause or cancel your subscription at any time too. 

Another admirable fact about Simply Earth as a company is that 13% of their profits go to help end human trafficking and when I see businesses giving back to good causes it only makes me want to support them more.

So what was inside the February recipe box?
This is the first box I have ever received from Simply Earth and I have to say that first impressions were great!

The box itself is cardboard and I love that Simply Earth's natural ethos starts in the box itself. Upon opening the February box was full to the brim of essential oil goodness!

The February recipe box has the theme of natural cosmetics, so it's a good one to purchase if you're interested in beauty and skincare.

Inside the box was a welcome envelope with information about Simply Earth, a card welcoming me to Simply Earth and stickers. There were note cards detailing each essential oil in the box and what it is used for, as well as recipes for natural cosmetics.

There were then stickers to label your newly made natural cosmetics, as well as containers to store them in.

You get three packets of pressed powders in the February recipe box that are used to create your natural cosmetics - cranberry powder, beet root powder and arrowroot powder.

As for the essential oils themselves, there are four included in the February recipe box -
Beauty Within Essential Oil Blend - great for helping skin to regain it's elasticity, while combating fine lines and dryness
Geranium Essential Oil - which is know for it's versatility in skincare
Coffee Essential Oil - great for reducing inflammation and commonly found in eye serums
Copaiba Essential Oil - another great oil for inflammation and keeping acne away from your face

I love that this recipe box will allow me to make and try out my own natural make-up. I think we sometimes become a bit lax with what we're putting on our faces and don't pay attention to all the chemicals we're putting on our skin. I'll be interested to see just how good and pigmented the natural cosmetics are.

I'm looking forward to trying out the Moisturising Tinted Lip Gloss the most as my lips are so dry from all this snowy, cold and rainy winter weather we're having. I love that Simply Earth have included an ingredients list as well as instructions for how to make some cosmetics - it's always great to have a guide to follow.

So would I purchase from Simply Earth?
In a word, yes! I think the company as a whole has a great ethos. I love that they promote a natural life and that they donate 13% of their profits to helping combat human trafficking - this shows that they have a heart and I think this is important in business.

Overall they're a lovely lifestyle brand and one that I'm happy to support and I think their recipe boxes are a great way of discovering and learning more about essential oils and growing your collection.

If you're interested in purchasing a Simply Earth subscription, please use the code DOLLYDOWSIEFREE to receive a $20 gift card with your initial subscription box and bonus box. This $20 gift card can be used on your future box or next box as part of a subscription.


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