Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Nintendo Switch & Labo Vehicle Kit | Review ♥

*We were sent the Nintendo Switch and Labo for the purposes of this review, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.

Nintendo Switch (€329.99) is one of the most coveted gifts this Christmas and we were recently sent one to review along with the Labo Vehicle Kit (€69.99). My boys have never had a games console before, but I have been a keen gamer from a young age and thought that Tyler would love to try out the Switch and the Labo too.

What's great about the Nintendo Switch is that it's a family-focused games console, meaning we can all have fun with it, rather than Tyler just sitting on his own playing games with it for hours on end.

The Switch is playable anywhere - sort of like a portable Gameboy (I had one back in the day!), but also a console that, in it's dock, can be hooked up via HDMI to a TV.

The Switch's 'joy-con' controllers can be either attached the the Switch frame or given one each - up to eight players.

It's the dual play feature that makes the Switch unique and something that's perfect for families to play together at home or for something to entertain the kids when traveling, etc. It's designed to be an enjoyable console for wherever you are and whoever you're with - or if you're simply playing on your own of course.

The Labo is a line of DIY cardboard accessories for the Switch which are designed to heighten player experience. We were sent the Labo Vehicle Kit which is something I know that car-obsessed Beau will love when he's older.

The Labo is like something I've never seen before. It's made of carboard - which I think is a unique material when it comes to a console accessory! Projects include a toy-con car, toy-con peddle, toy-con plane, toy-con submarine and a toy-con key.

I'm not going to lie here, putting together these vehicles and their parts has been very time consuming, so much so that we still have to build the submarine. Despite the lengthy building process though, I think the parts are great for giving a bit of childhood nostalgia to gaming - afterall, as children, we all built things out of boxes, etc. and imagined them to be something else.

The Labo Vehicle Kit allows players to drive, fly and dive by taking control of a car, a plane and ever a submarine! You simply insert the key, press the peddle and you're away! It promotes interative game-play, rather than just using the traditional controllers and is great fun for the kids.

The Labo Vehicle Kit allows you to explore a huge, open world, take on your friends, complete challenges, etc. It's great for those with a sense of adventure and who like exploring and challenge completing type games. Each vehicle in the kit features it's own distinct controls and special moves and the the second key, players can even invite a co-driver or co-pilot along on the adventure too.

We currently have two games for our Switch (which we bought ourselves), along with the Labo and it's been great fun watching Tyler and Jacek playing along together - who knew gaming could encourage such bonding!

I love that the Switch really encourages different modes of play, either as a single player or as a team or duo. It's unlike any console I've ever encountered before and it's definitely a new favourite in our house.


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