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Little Tikes Shop 'n Learn Smart Checkout | Review ♥

*We were sent the Little Tikes Shop 'n Learn Smart Checkout for the purposes of this review, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Tyler absolutely loves role-playing toys and anything that allows him to use his imagination. His favourite toys are kitchen toys, where he can pretend to be a chef and have his own house, but one toy he's always wanted and hasn't had until now is his own shop.

When we were sent the Little Tikes Shop 'n Learn Smart Checkout (€179.99) he was absolutely beside him - as was Beau. The two of them were so excited when they saw the box and couldn't wait to get it all set up and ready for playing shop. In fact, they started playing with the toy food before I even had the checkout set up!

The Smart Checkout comes with 35+ unique and scannable food and accessories that are recognised by the checkout. The boys take great delight in scanning the food and having the Smart Checkout say what it is. Tyler especially loves being shop assistant.

The Little Tikes Shop 'n Learn Smart Checkout is a bit like a child's version of a self-service checkout. It teaches kids about different foods and how to pay for their food. The boys love putting their 'purchases' through the checkout, hearing the 'beep' and having the checkout saying the food name, before putting it on the conveyor belt, which, best of all, can actually move! 

The food moves along the belt and drops into a carrier bag that hangs off the end of the checkout. It's such a 'lifelike' toy and they can't get enough of it. It's great that it has so many 'real life' checkout features too, like the scanner, the moving belt, the fridge, the shelves, the bag and even a little hook to hang the packet of crisps (or chips, as the checkout calls them) on.

As well as free play, the Smart Checkout can also be used with a tablet and the Shop 'n Learn Smart Checkout app (which is free to download). The app has 5 modes of play and learning - 

Checkout Counter - where kids have to put the correct money into the checkout to pay for the food displayed. The checkout will count the money and let them know if they've got it right.

Music - where kids can pick a song of their choice to listen to.

Speed Scanner - where kids race against the clock to find and scan the food items that the checkout asks for.

Free play - where kids can scan any food item on the checkout. The apps shows kids what they are scanning.

Shopping List - where kids must listen to clues to find the items the checkout is looking for. 

All of these modes of play and learning are so much much fun for the boys. Tyler really tries his best to get all the correct food items and money when playing and it's great to see him learning and having fun all at the same time. 

Beau loves playing with the Smart Checkout too (it's suitable for kids aged 2+), although he's pretty content with just putting the food on the checkout and into the bag or fridge for now. It's lovely to see both boys playing with it at the same time though and it's great that it's big enough to let them do their own thing or play shop together.

I have to admit, I get a bit nervous about toys like this and worrying if they're going to be too big to store in the living room (where the boys prefer to play) and although it is a little bulky when out fully, the Smart Checkout can be folded up, meaning it can be put away in the corner easily and doesn't take up much space.

I have honestly never seen the boys enjoy a toy so much. Every day since they got it it has been played with and they don't seem to tire from it either. Just be careful with younger children that they don't put coins or cash in the wrong slot (it's happened a few times now!) because you will have to unscrew to get it out!

Tyler says - "I love the checkout, it's really cool! My favourite thing is the food because there's lots and lots! I love playing with the money too".

The Little Tikes Shop 'n Learn Smart Checkout is available from all good toy stores and from Amazon. It's such a fab toy and I highly recommend it to any parents who's little ones are also big into role-playing toys and imaginative play.


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