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Our Family Travel Bucket List 2019 | Updated! ♥

2019 is just around the corner - just 5 and a bit short weeks away now (eek!) and with that in mind, I've decided to create a family travel bucket list for us and hopefully we can tick off each place and thing as we visit them.

1. Go on a family sun holiday - this is something we missed out on last year and it's something that I know we'd desperately love to do next year. Jacek and I have been discussing possible destinations and we loved Greece when we visited way back in 2013, so we'd love to take the children there too. Warm sea, beautiful beaches, good food and the sunshine - what's not to love about Greece? Mark Warner offer some fantastic Greek getaways, if you're also looking to take a family holiday to this beautiful country!

2. Go home to South Africa - Jacek and Tyler travelled to South Africa during Halloween week. It was Jacek's first time home in 14 years and Tyler's first ever time in South Africa. Sadly Beau and I didn't get to go, but there's always next time.

This point is mainly for Jacek and Tyler because it's undecided whether Beau and I will be joining them, but for 2019 Jacek is determined to go home to South Africa and see his family. He hasn't been home in over 10 years and has two nephews and a sister-in-law who he's yet to meet so it would be a rather special trip for him. Tyler is also really keen to visit Africa and see his grandparents again.

3. Visit Sark again - Jacek and I visited Sark when we were in Jersey. It was great to get back to the beautiful island and see a part which we previously hadn't visited.

This was actually on my bucket list for last year but we unfortunately couldn't get to Sark as the boat was 'broken' the only week we were in Jersey (Murphy's Law if ever it was!). Sark is such a beautiful island and I'm dying to get back there. I love the nature of the island, the fact that it's quiet and there are no cars. I need to make it back there in 2019! You can read more about our travels to Sark here.

4. Get to The Burren & Galway - I'm half crossing this off as we visited The Burren back in July after we visited the Cliffs of Moher. It was a sweltering hot day and those limestone slabs don't half soak up the heat!

These are places I've wanted to go within Ireland for years now and I still haven't gotten there! I really want to photograph the flora in The Burren during the summer and visit Connemara and Kylemore Abbey - hopefully 2019 is the year I get to do it!

5. Travel because of the blog - This year we were able to visit two parts of Ireland that were previously undiscovered by us thanks to the blog. We went to Adare, Co. Limerick where we stayed in the lovely Woodlands House Hotel, Tipperary on a collaboration with Tipperary Tourism and Athlone, Co. Roscommon where we stayed in the fabulous Hodson Bay Hotel. It was great to visit new parts of Ireland. We were also fortunate enough to be comped tickets by Condor Ferries for their Jersey to St. Malo route too so we got to spend a day in France together.

For the past few years I have been very lucky to have been able to travel because of the blog. I've so far been to London, Frankfurt (flying visit, was literally there for the day!) and Portugal and each experience has been amazing! I would love if 2019 gave me the opportunity to travel because of this little blog of mine too.

6. Go back to Jersey and spend all day at St. Ouen's Beach - We went back to Jersey and spent many a day on the beautiful St. Ouen's Beach. One of the highlights of my summer was watching all the surfers take to the high tide as sunset while my boys splashed about in the water.

We go to Jersey every year to visit my Dad and his partner and we absolutely love it there. Tyler is always asking to go back and see his Grandad and hopefully we get to go back there in 2019 - the only pain is getting there and having to travel via Dublin Airport because they stopped the flights from Cork Airport. I'd love to spend the whole day on St. Ouen's Beach because it's quite possibly my favourite beach in the world and I haven't been able to spend a whole day there the past couple of years. You can read about our holiday to Jersey this year here.

7. Have a city break - Jacek and I spent my 29th birthday in Amsterdam. It seems to be a tradition now! We also visited London where we travelled around the city seeing all the pretty Instagrammable places in London and also took a trip to Mayfield Lavender Farm which was beautiful!

Every year Jacek and I go on a city break to Amsterdam and I'd love if we could do it again in 2019. I'm not sure if we would go back to Amsterdam or go and discover a new city and whether or not we'll be taking the children with us, but it's definitely something I'd like us to do in 2019.

And that's our family travel bucket list for 2019! I'm happy to say we completed everything bar a sun holiday - but there's always next year for that.

Do you have a family travel bucket list for 2019? What kind of travel related things are on it?

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  1. I haven't made my family travel bucket list for next year yet. The plan was to go on a summer holiday like Greece or Portugal though. Hopefully that will be possible. We've been to the UK for the last 2 years at Easter but it's so hugely expensive over there we might be better off going somewhere warm instead. They can't deal with too much heat anyway.

    I am planning to get away myself twice hopefully


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