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Getting A Better Night's Sleep With the Leesa Mattress | Review ♥

*This post is in collaboration with Leesa, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.

As a parent, getting a good night's sleep is one of the most precious things we can have. For me, it's the only part of my day when I'm undisturbed by the children and for me, my bed is a sanctuary of sorts - I love my sleep.

When the opportunity to review a Leesa mattress came about I'm not going to lie, I was delighted. For the past seven years I've been sleeping on other people's mattresses (oh the joy of renting!) and it's never been something that I've enjoyed. So the opportunity to sleep on a brand new, what I would consider luxury mattress that was all our own brought nothing but good feelings to me!

The Leesa mattress arrived rolled up in a box - quite different to the mattresses I've seen in furniture shops that are huge and need a big van to be transported. It arrived to our door by courier and it was great to have it arrive and not have to worry about the hassle of transporting a mattress about!

Once the mattress was unrolled onto our bed frame (we have a king size), it was clear by the look and feel of it just how luxurious and of good quality it was. it has a quilted topper that looks and feels great (grey is one of my favourite colours) and comes with the four iconic Leesa stripes on it - which go at the foot of the bed.

It felt so squishy and comfy and something which I couldn't wait to snuggle up in that night. As the Leesa mattress arrives rolled up in a box you have to give it some time to expand on your bed, so we left it for the day and came back to it that night.

That night Jacek and myself were excited to give the mattress a test drive and honestly, as we sank into it that night whilst getting into bed we couldn't have been happier, it felt so comfy!

So, how did we get on with the mattress? Now I'm not going to lie as this is a review and I wanted to be completely honest about everything, it did take some time for me to get used to sleeping on the Leesa mattress rather than a traditional mattress with springs. Jacek on the other hand was having the best nights sleep of his life and couldn't have been happier that we had this new, luxurious mattress making his precious little sleep time (because he's always up earlier for work!) a whole lot better.

I on the other hand was waking up in the middle of the night and I don't particularly know why. The Leesa mattress is extremely comfy and I should have been sleeping like a baby, but I wasn't and it was bothering me - I even contemplated putting the old mattress back on the bed. We didn't though and I'm glad we didn't because I now get such a good night's sleep on the Leesa mattress.

I should point out that I'm a very light sleeper and unlike other people (*cough* Jacek *cough*), I can't fall asleep easily anywhere. I need to be lying down, on my side, not too hot, etc. in order to get to sleep and I think my body took some time adjusting to lying on foam rather than springs. So, if you're like me, bear that in mind if you're considering purchasing the Leesa mattress and don't give up on it so quickly, you won't regret it!

So what makes the Leesa mattress so special? Well, it's made from three layers of different sized foam - a 15cm thick core base, a 5cm thick layer of pressure-relieving memory foam and a top layer of 5cm cooling Avena foam - which provides air flow and is Leesa's secret for for a cooler night's sleep.

All of these foam layers work well together, supporting you in all the right places as you sleep and moulding itself to your shape.

I think a bed is such a personal thing and the Leesa mattress really helps to make sleep even more personal, with a mattress that supports your body, rather than your body just lying upon it - does that make sense?

The Leesa mattress is firm yet soft - and I know these things are complete opposites but you really have to sleep on it for a night to 'get this' completely but it really is. It's soft but not saggy. You don't melt into it, instead it supports your body and is firm, but still comfy.

Another aspect that I love about Leesa as a company is that they give back. For every ten mattress they sell they donate one. They have donated 30,000 mattress at this point in time which is absolutely amazing! As an outdoor lover I love the fact that they plant a tree for every mattress sold, planting 135,000 trees so far. They also donate and volunteer to local communities, with 2,000 hours of volunteer time donated already. I'm always delighted to support brands that have such great ethics behind them and Leesa are really doing their bit this fantastic effort and generosity to not only people, but to the Earth too. Good job Leesa!

How much is it? I'm not going to lie, at €799 for a king size, the Leesa mattress is the most expensive household item we have ever owned. I'm not quite sure about how much other mattresses cost (because I've never bought one), but I'd say this was on the more pricier side of the mattress scale, well, for us anyway. But, when you think about it, is it too much to pay for something you're going to use every night for the foreseeable future? I don't think so.

I think for the quality of sleep the Leesa mattress provides, it's worth paying the higher price tag. It is a luxury item, but I think when it comes to something as important as a good night's sleep, having something luxurious and comfortable is always better than something cheap and uncomfortable for your back.

Where can you buy it? I'm delighted to announce that the Leesa mattress is now available to buy in Ireland! If you're in Ireland you can purchase from and if you're in the UK you can purchase from Your mattress will be built to order and will arrive in a box, via free UPS delivery, within six to nine working days. The free delivery is another great aspect and one which always sways me into purchasing something online.

So, would I recommend the Leesa mattress? In a word - yes! Having something so luxurious and comfy to sleep on has been a God-send and I'm so glad I stuck it out after that initial 'getting used to it' period.

Not only is the mattress of good quality, well-made and comfortable, it's improved the quality of our sleep so much and going to sleep is something we look forward to each night. I think the only problem we have is not wanting to get out of bed because we're so comfortable!

I really love the ethics behind the Leesa brand too and it's things like that that would make me consider purchasing from them again - I have my eye on a single mattress for Tyler's bed.

Leesa also offer a risk-free 100 night trial, which means that if the mattress isn't working out for you then you can return it. Leesa will arrange for it to be collected and donated to a charitable organisation. You don't need to box it back up and you will get a free refund. This is another great aspect to purchasing from Leesa.

I would highly recommend Leesa to anyone wanting to purchase a new mattress. It's given us better nights which have led to better days - and you can't say better than that!

Use the code DOLLYDOWSIE to get €100 off the price of your Leesa mattress when ordering.


  1. We need a new mattress so thanks for the great review. I like the idea of soft but supportive

    1. I hope you get your new mattress soon. Soft but supportive is a great combo!

  2. We absolutely love our Leesa mattress - love your fairy lights! x

    1. It's just fab isn't it?! Thank you, I need some more I think!

  3. there comes a time in your life when getting and thinking about getting a mattress is one of the most exciting things.....I too am at this time :) x

  4. This could be the mattress for us! We've been looking for a new one, so thank you for the review. I shall certainly have a look at this


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