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Futa Fata Children's Irish Language Books | Giveaway ♥

It's day 12 of #DollyDowsieChristmas and Futa Fata is delighted to team up with Dolly Dowsie this Christmas to give followers the chance to win a bundle of our books. Included are board books for toddlers, picture books for slightly older children and our award-winning, best-selling Bliain na nAmhrán, a book and CD combo that will entertain both the young and the young at heart! Nollaig Shona!

Baba & Jeaic – Am Folcadáin (Bath Time) & Éadaí Deasa (Lovely Clothes)
Our popular board book series, Baba agus Jeaic, brings children through everyday routines such as bath time and getting dressed. Vibrantly illustrated these cute characters are sure to keep little ones mesmerised. 

Dainín – Cloisin Rud Éigin! (I hear Something!) & Cá bhfuil Téidí? (Where is Teddy?)

The lovable little tiger Dainín brings the reader on a little journey of discovery in both of these gorgeous board books. Simple but engaging stories with beautiful illustrations.

Babaí Cathal – Am dul a luí (Time for bed)
A translation of the French-Canadian series, Caillou, “Cathal – Am dul a luí” is the latest addition to the series’ of Gaeilge editions available from Futa Fata. An engaging board book with fun flaps that reveal both the expected and the unexpected, this book will help get small children embrace their own nightly routines!

Beag Bídeach (Teeny Tiny)
Nína loves her little brother Jimí, but sometimes little brothers can be annoying. Nína wants to be tiny so she can go and live with her doll friends. Wouldn’t life in a doll’s house, with no Jimí, be wonderful?! Beag Bídeach is written by Sadhbh Devlin and illustrated by Róisín Hahessy.

Don’t go to School!
It’s not often we publish English editions of our books but demand for this heart-warming tale was so big, we gave in! Don’t go to School! is a quirky and funny role reversal story of the first day of school. Little Benno is uber excited for his big day, but Mammy Bear is having a little trouble letting go. Written by Máire Zepf and illustrated by Tarsila Krüse. Also available as Gaeilge, Ná Gabh ar Scoil!

Bliain na nAmhrán (The Year of Song)
Bliain na nAmhrán is a must for any child’s library. A CD and Book combo with fully illustrated songs based on the four seasons. The accompanying CD features vocals performed by composer, Tadhg Mac Dhonnagáin along with Caitlín Ní Chualáin, plus a choir of school children from Connemara. A magical book, Bliain na nAmhrán won a Children’s Books Ireland – Judges Honor Award 2017 and most recently (October 2018!) won Gradam Réics Carló - Children’s Book Of the Year Award for Irish Language books.

To be in with a chance of winning this amazing bundle of Futa Fata books simply enter the giveaway via the Gleam widget below. Please read the terms and conditions before entering and best of luck to all who enter!

Terms and conditions:
1. This giveaway is open worldwide.
2. This giveaway will run for two weeks and will end on November 26th at 11.59p.m. - a winner will then be chosen at random via the Gleam widget.
3. Invalid entries will be deleted without notice.
4. By entering this giveaway you are giving permission for your details to be passed on to the person who will be sending your prize.

 Futa Fata Books


  1. No, I don't speak Irish, but my granny was Irish!

  2. I'm a supply teacher in Belfast (nursery and primary) and I grew up in England and have no Irish. I've been trying to learn using an app on my ipad! These books would help :-)

  3. I took one semester of Irish at uni but sadly can barely remember anything... I hope I'll get the chance to continue studying on my own when I feel somewhat less depressed than I do at the moment.

  4. Labhram gaelainn na haon lá. I speak Irish every day.
    Ba bhrea le mo leanaí óga duais breá seo. My children would love this prize. Grma

  5. Labhraím gaeilge le mo chlann sa bhaile agus freastalaíonn mo pháistí ar naíonra álainn anseo I gCorcaigh. Is breá leo léamh so bheadh am duais seo foirfe dóibh!

    I speak Irish at home with my family, and my children go to a lovely Irish speaking preschool here in Cork. They love reading so this prize would be perfect for them!


  6. I only know a few words..but I've always wanted to learn more so doing it with my son would be good for us both.

  7. Bhreá liom na leabhair seo dom' bheirtse atá 6 agus 3.5 grma!

  8. Wis brea liom a bheith ag leamh leabhara gaeilge le mo inion. I love reading irish books with our daughter. Duais iontach....... Amazing prize 📚📖📘📕

  9. My daughter loves speaking Irish, and would absolutely love these books. her little brothers would be delighted too!

  10. Yes, my original degree was German and Irish. I love languages. I'm now a primary school teacher so use Irish regularly although between pregnancies and career break I've been oyo of the class for a while. I speak as Gaeilge regularly with my little people at home. My eldest started school this year and is really loving Irish.

  11. I do - not fluent but ENOUGH to understand

  12. nope i try but end up sounding scottish

  13. No but we have family in Tipperary

  14. Fantastic bundle of books, as a primary (infants) teacher these would be invaluable resources in my classroom. Go rain míle maith agaibh!

  15. I wish i could, but alas not, and I adore tha lovely accent of the Irish x

  16. Yes, I used to be 'liofa' but it's getting a bit rusty. I am delighted you are running this competition as I did not know about futa fata and the books will be perfect for my little one whom I am trying to teach the 'cupla focal' to and has a smattering of the language already!

  17. I don't, my late Grandparents used to. I wish i would have listened more when I was younger


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