Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Tyler & Beau | Siblings {October 2018} ♥

I forgot about the siblings project again - oops. October has been such a busy month for these boys and I, so it's not surprising that it completely slipped my mind.

I write this as the boys are playing happily and quiety (how rare!) in the sitting room with the LEGO and kitchen stuff. I love moments like this between them where I don't have to be referee, because lately they have been full on!

Beau is now at an age where he has learned the word 'mine' and hates anyone touching, what he sees to be at least, his stuff. He hasn't yet grasped the concept of sharing and honestly, I feel as though it's my fault because he has no children his own age to play with so he hasn't been able to learn these social skills yet. Tyler, being the big brother, seems to always be forced to give in to Beau and give him what he wants, even if Tyler had it first.

Tyler has settled into school really well and I'm amazed at all he's learned in such a short space of time. He's doing so well with his phonics and his words by sight and now helps me read bedtime stories. It's so lovely to see him enjoying learning new things and finding it such a novelty to read with me.

The boys haven't had many outings together this month as Tyler has been absent a lot. He goes to school five mornings a week, has had birthday parties and play dates, goes out playing on the green with the boys who live by us and plays rugby on a Saturday morning now too, so he has quite the social schedule! Poor Beau is left pining for him a lot.

I know Beau's time will come but it's a little bit sad for me that I don't know anyone with children his age so he hasn't been able to make friends or play with other children his age.

We have gone to the woods plenty of times as a family this month though - collecting pine cones is our new favourite pastime. The woods is the best place to bring the boys as they can just run, play and explore to their hearts content - tiring them out for bedtime!

Tyler is on mid-term now and we haven't really had any outings yet - the boys have enjoyed trashing the house with toys too much, but tomorrow is Halloween and I think I'll take Beau trick-or-treating for the first time so hopefully it'll be a lot of fun!

I hope the next month will be good one for the boys and that they get to spend more time together. It'll be an exciting one with the run up to Christmas (what I'm really looking forward to) and I can't wait to see what adventures they have together.

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