Sunday, September 16, 2018

Tyler & Beau | Siblings {September 2018} ♥

September has marked a whole new phase of sibling dynamic for my boys. Tyler has begun primary school and it seems as though the boys are now spending less and less time together as the weeks go by, which, if I'm honest, makes me quite sad.

On Tyler's first day of school Beau cried uncontrollably for him as he walked into school with all his little friends. "LeeLee" he roared - his pet name for Tyler, and he continued sobbing and murmuring for his beloved LeeLee all morning long until we collected Tyler.

Even now, two weeks into the school year, Beau still cries out for LeeLee and I'm doing all I can to distract him and make his mornings without his brother just as fun.

Even after school though they still don't get to spend much time with each other. Beau still naps and Tyler has a new found love of wanting to play with the boys out on the green... something which I'm not completely comfortable with to be honest, but I do see how good it can be for him.

Now Tyler has also begun rugby on a Saturday morning, so that's another hour and a half gone from siblings time... it's all a little sad but quite inevitable as they grow up.

When they are together they still get along well. They cuddle up on the couch together under a blanket watching the tablet and they play out in the garden. Beau still joins in on Tyler's play dates, although where Tyler craves social interaction all the time, Beau enjoys his alone time too.

Tyler still asks for Beau of a morning and has to say goodnight to him at bedtime. He even came home from school one day stating that there was a Beau in his class with the same colour hair of 'Baby Beau'... I think he may have made the whole thing up but at least it let me know he was thinking of his little brother.

This month I have really felt the boys age gap. Tyler is exploring his independence, making new friends, having new adventures all on his own... whereas Beau is still very much the baby of the family, has not yet begun preschool and still spends all his time with me.

I'm trying to make weekends family time, a time where the boys can spend lots of time with each other. As I type this they're out in the garden together, the sun hanging on for a little longer - thankfully and I love watching them play.

My two little curly heads... I look forward to seeing what adventures this next month holds for them.

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