Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Tyler & Beau | Siblings {August 2018} ♥

Another month has zoomed by and August marks the end of a era of such for my boys, as Tyler moves on to 'big school' and Beau gets to stay at home with me for another year.

It's only when I realise that Tyler will be beginning school but that Beau hasn't even reached preschool yet, that I notice their three year and three month age gap. When they're both at home with me they seem to be of a similar age. Beau is just as capable as Tyler and Tyler loves for Beau to join in with his fun and games. So even though they do have an age gap, it never really seems that noticeable... until now of course.

 I cannot believe that my baby, the boy who made me a mother, will be beginning primary school next week. Honestly, where has the time gone? I'm a bit emotional about it all to be honest because even though it will give me a chance to spend more one on one time with Beau, I will miss being able to go on impromtu adventures with them both in the mornings.
The boys have had a wonderful summer together and they've travelled to a lot of places together. We had our family holiday to Jersey last month and they had a ball on the beach and seeing their grandad and Shirley. They also attended their very first wedding and we so well behaved - I was actually surprised at how great they were! 

We've also had lots of family days out to Kerry and places around Cork and Tyler even got a trip to Tayto Park too. I love that they get to explore so much together and even though they may not remember these times in years to come, I will always have the photographic evidence for them to look back on! 

Beau is now talking a lot, something which Tyler takes great delight in! For the most part Tyler acts absolutely lovely towards Beau and is the most doting big brother, even if sometimes he does act like a silly billy! They have such different interests but they always manage to play with each other and join in with the same games.

Beau still follows Tyler and his friends around and is always trying to act like a bigger boy. Tyler is very lucky in the fact that he's had a best friend since he was a baby and knows a lot of people his own age, poor Beau has no friends, so I'm glad the boys let him play too.

Things are about to be very different with our home life now that Tyler is starting school. I just hope that it doesn't affect the boys relationship too much and that they'll still be the best of buds.


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