Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Sunflower Field... Another Year On ♥

How has it already been a year since we laid eyes on these dreamy sunflower fields. I remember quite clearly visiting them last year, hopping over the gate and taking my then baby boy, dressed in his lovely little lemon cardigan over to the sunflowers to get my picture taken with him. That baby is now a very active and stubborn two year old, who expressed his great dislike of being in fields and having his bare legs amongst the plants while we were getting these pictures taken.

My eldest boy has grown so much since our last visit too. That little face of his loses it's babyness more and more with each passing year and he's become some a beautiful person. Unlike his little brother, he took great delight in being amongst the sunflowers, smiling at the flower heads and watching the bees collecting their pollen.

I myself have too changed a lot since our last visit to these fields. Last year I was a whole other person, hiding in a big dress and jeans, unconfident in myself. This year I have a lot more confidence in myself and even though I still have a lot of imperfections, I'm working on them and am so much happier in myself.

I love writing these types of posts. They probably aren't interesting to anyone else but I love recording all our family memories and looking back at our photos together and seeing how much we've all grown - especially my boys.

I've also learnt that yellow is an almost impossible colour to edit in the vintage style that I want - something I'll have to keep trying to figure out!

These sunflower fields are such a dream and we're so lucky to have them right on our doorstep.


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