Friday, August 31, 2018

Back to School Ready with Sona ♥

 *This post is in collaboration with Sona, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own.

This past week was a big one for us, with Tyler celebrating a huge milestone in his life - starting 'big' school! It was such an emotional and exciting time for us all, but seeing him so happy walking into his new school, surrounded by all the little friends that he made in pre-school, made me so happy as his mother. He declared that school was "amazing!" and fingers crossed it always stays that way for him.

Of course, as parents, along with the excitement and emotions of a having a child going back to or starting school, we also have the added stress of trying to get everything ready, have everyone out the door in time and having everyone feeling their best.

One thing I am really trying to focus on this school year is keeping everyone in the house fit and healthy. Last year we were bombarded with colds, flus, mouth ulcers, etc. - you name it, we had it and I'm going to do all I can to try and avoid that this year because it was absolutely awful, especially for poor Beau who seemed to take the brunt of it all.

I hated seeing my boys so poorly and that's why this year, I'm fully prepared and have a Back to School survival kit thanks to Irish vitamins and minerals supplement company Sona.

Sona are providers of the best quality vitamins and supplements, designed to keep bodies healthy. In preparation for Tyler starting school we began taking four great Sona products - two for Tyler and two for myself and Jacek and honestly, I feel so much better knowing that we're all getting some health into our bodies of a morning!

What's even better is that Tyler enjoys taking his vitamin and probiotic every morning too and it's just become part of our daily breakfast routine now.

The vitamins he's having are the Sona MultiPlus Junior, which are chewable strawberry flavour, teddy bear shaped tablets for children. I think he loves taking them so much as they're teddy bear shaped! They are sugar-free and are a comprehensive multivitamin/multimineral for children, providing 17 essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Sona MultiPlus Junior helps to support cognitive development - essential for a school-going child, and normal bone and growth development. These help to support overall well-being while also boosting brain function at school.

Tyler also takes a Sona KiddieBiotic every morning and these are delicious, chewable strawberry flavoured probiotics for children. I had been meaning to start him on a probiotic for the longest time, so I'm glad I've finally found one for him and that he likes taking too - he actually asks for it every morning!

These help to build natural defences, boost immunity and improve gut and digestive health. These friendly bacteria colonise the gut and help to maintain a favourable intestinal flora. Probiotics reduce the ability for pathogens to grow in the body, keeping children safe during the busy back to school season and especially when the colder, harsher weather sets in.

I'm so glad that I've found a vitamin/mineral tablet and probiotic that Tyler genuinely enjoys taking and which he readily asks for of a morning too. It can be so hard to find something health-wise that children enjoy taking, but these offerings from Sona have really been a hit with him.

He's been taking Sona MultiPlus Junior and Sona KiddieBiotic for just over a week now and I can already see a change in him.

These past few weeks I haven't been feeling the best and I knew that with back to school time looming towards us, that I had to begin taking something to help myself feel better.

I've begun to get very tired again throughout the day and haven't been feeling particularly healthy within myself at all - no good when I have very busy early morning starts trying to get two small children out the door in time ahead of me for the foreseeable future! So, I've begun taking the Sona MultiPlus which helps to boost immune health and mental performance.

These are a a comprehensive multivitamin/multimineral for adults. They are the most comprehensive on the market today, containing 35 essential nutrients including Omega 3 fish oils and the HSE recommended dose of Folic Acid.

I take one of these capsules once a day after my breakfast and although the capsule is a little bigger than a normal capsule, I have no problem swallowing it with water - these also come in a tablet or effervescent form for people who find it difficult to swallow capsules.

These help to fight fatigue and I can definitely see a difference in my energy levels after just one week. I'm able to get up in the morning fine - no pressing the snooze button on the alarm so far! I also have more energy in the afternoon - a time when I usually feel a slump.

The other Sona product I've begun taking is the Sona AcidoPhilus Complete which is Sona's most popular probiotic for adults. Probiotics support gut health, boost immunity (something I definitely need with all those school germs coming home!), combat symptoms of stress and anxiety and improve digestive health (another thing I desperately need having no gallbladder!).

Sona AcidoPhilus Complete helps to restore the positive bacterial balance after antibiotics by replacing the diminished good bacteria in your gut. These are really easy to take and again, I take them after breakfast so I'm not forgetting to take them throughout the day.

I'm so glad that we began taking these products from Sona and we'll be continuing to use them throughout the school year.

I'll be sharing an update on how we're finding the products and what benefits they give to us health-wise and in staving off all the germs on my social media, especially on my Instastories over on @dollydowsie, so feel free to follow along and see how we're getting on with Sona.

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