Tuesday, August 14, 2018

5 Creative Interior Design Tricks For A Smaller Home ♥

When space is at a premium in your house, you might be at a loss as to how to create more space. Moving to a new, larger residence might not be an option, either; perhaps tight financial circumstances necessitated you compromising on your current home's size in the first place.

However, to attempt to coin a phrase, you can stay small and have it all! Well, to a certain extent - and from previously living in a tiny house with two small children I know quite a lot about maximising the space in a smaller house and making the rooms appearing larger and brighter when possible.

Here are some worthwhile measures for streamlining your use of what little space you have.

Hang draperies to the maximum possible height
If your ceilings are so low that you often feel like the Big Friendly Giant trying to stay undercover in an ordinary human's house, there's a simple remedy for relieving this discomforting illusion. 

When you want to hang curtains or cloth, attach a drapery rod only about two inches beneath the ceiling's crown moulding. Hanging from this height, the fabrics will make the ceiling appear higher. We did this in our sons rooms when we lived in our old house and it made the rooms appear larger in appearance - even though they weren't of course! The curtains looked so much better being hung from a higher height. You could also broaden the windows' perceptible breadth if this pole is wider. 

Kit out the kitchen in a space-efficient fashion
You could find yourself especially pressed for space in the kitchen - which, after all, has to contain a wealth of supplies and tools. However, there are various ways of reaping more from this space - such as fitting a wall-mounted shelf on which baking supplies can be displayed.

That could free up space on the counter, while you could also pin up rubber gloves and sponges on the inside of cabinet doors. That would keep these items concealed when you don't need them.

Fit large, sliding units into cabinet openings
You might lack space for a dedicated pantry for storing the likes of produce, flour and sugar, but you could still get those benefits if you have openings for standard base-cabinets. 

Into these openings, you could insert the sort of utilitarian slide-out units cited by Country Living, which also provides a photo showing how this can work in practice. After you push the unit back into the opening, casual visitors to your house will probably never even know that this unit is there.

Aim your sights high - literally

There is likely to be plenty of empty space between your furniture and the ceiling, but utilising this space could seem impossible without the powers of levitation. 

Thankfully, you wouldn't strictly be right to assume such, as you could still arrange bookcases and cabinets sufficiently high almost to touch the ceiling. You could also hang some elements, as House Beautiful recommends.

Construct bunk beds - maybe in the loft or garage
Bunk beds can clearly save space in various settings, but putting these beds in an attic or garage usually left unused makes especially good sense. Also, bunk beds are a fab choice if you need to have multiple children sleeping in one room (something which I'm sure my own boys would love to do in the future!).

An attic space room will need to provide warmth conducive to comfortable sleeping. One wise move on your part could be having new loft insulation fitted by roofers in Newcastle upon Tyne or elsewhere. Staff from these roofers' company could help you to convert a garage, too.

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