Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Women's Swimwear Trends 2018 ♥

There is no doubt that all of this hot weather has turned most of us into water babes. For weeks now, going for a swim has been the only practical way to cool down properly. Ireland and the U.K. have been blisteringly hot, so most of us have worn out our swimming costumes! I really need to treat myself to a new one and there are so many fab trends out there in women's swimwear this year.

Huge choice
Retailers like have seen demand for one-pieces, bikinis, and tankinis go through the roof. So, unsurprisingly they have extended their range to ensure that it is still easy for their customers to buy the perfect swimwear.

Stripy one-pieces
Stripes are fun and look good on most people, so it's good to see them making a bit of a comeback. Most retailers are stocking costumes made from fabric that features bold wide stripes. I've seen so many gorgeous stripy swimsuits and I really want one for myself - they're quite 'Instagrammable' too I think!

High-waisted bikinis and shapewear costumes
It is really nice to see plus-size women being properly catered for when it comes to swimwear. Having access to high waisted bikinis and costumes with built-in shapewear can make women feel confident enough to hit the beach - I know my swimsuit with it's 'tummy control' section really helped me in being confident enough to bare my swimsuit-clad body on the beach! They really smooth out the bulges and create a great silhouette.

Cutaway one-pieces
If you do not want to reveal too much flesh, but feel that a one-piece is too restrictive, look for a cutaway costume instead. These are extremely stylish and come in a huge range of interesting designs. Looking glamorous on the beach has never been easier when you're wearing one of these!

Leotard style one-pieces
You may also like the sports crossover style of swimming costumes that are starting to become available. The classic leotard style that would not look out of place in a gymnasium is catching the attention of a lot of women. It is a surprisingly flattering look, which seems to work particularly well for big-bosomed women. They are typically made out of hightly textured, super stretchy fabrics, which makes them particularly comfortable to wear.

High-neck swimming costumes
If you are worried about modesty opt for a high-neck costume. They are very classy, especially if you choose to buy one in black. This style of swimwear is an especially good choice for active swimmers and fans of watersports. Typically, they will stay safely in place almost regardless of what you get up to in the water.

Crochet swimwear
If you are looking for something radically different crochet swimwear could be exactly what you need. It is very stylish. Provided you choose the type that is stitched onto backing material you can actually go swimming while wearing one. However, bear in mind that they will absorb water and feel quite heavy. They may also sag a bit. So, really this style of swimwear is best for those of you who like to spend most of your time soaking up the rays.

Block-coloured swimwear
Generally speaking, this year’s swimming costumes are bold and colourful. Once again, bright red is proving popular. Old school block colour designs also appear to have made a bit of a comeback.
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What kind of swimming costume do you like to wear most?

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