Sunday, July 29, 2018

Tyler & Beau | Siblings {July 2018} ♥

I completely missed July's Siblings update as we were far too busy having fun - a good excuse really! I still wanted to post this update though as the Siblings Project is something I really enjoy taking part in and it's so lovely looking back at all of the boys pictures together over the months and years - one day I will put them all in a book for them to look back at one day.

This past month the boys have been having lots of fun enjoying the gorgeously warm and sunny days we've been having. They also went on their third holiday together, back to beautiful Jersey to visit their Grandad and Shirley. They had lots of fun on the beach, splashing in the tide and building (and destroying in Beau's case!) sandcastles.

We also had some fun days out to the lavender fields, where I captured these gorgeous pictures of them both having fun on a tree swing - aren't they just adorable and so, so happy? As well as lots of trips to the playground, the pool and fountains and lots of time spent with family and friends on holiday and at a family wedding - which I'm pleased to say the boys were very well behaved at, because I was nervous about taking them to an event like that and having them go wild!

These days the boys are incredibly close. The call each other Beauzie and LeeLee and they are just too adorable for words - when they're not squabbling of course, because all siblings squabble. For the most part they get along brilliantly and want to be around each other whenever they can be.

Tyler attended a summer camp this week with his best friend and Beau was so sad seeing him leave. He was calling out for 'LeeLee' constantly and actually cried for his brother, it was quite sweet really. Tyler always makes sure he gives Beau a kiss and a cuddle before bed too and they love seeing each other in the morning.

Beau is learning all the words he possibly can at the moment so I anticipate them becoming even more close over the coming months. Their closeness is something I'm incredibly thankful for. I worried when Beau was born that Tyler would feel pushed out and a bit neglected, but in reality, he just loves having someone around to play with and keep company with all the time. He's a fantastic big brother and I'm so glad the boys get on so well - he's ticking Beau with a feather as I type!

Next month Tyler has one of the biggest milestones in his life - his first day of primary school and while it'll be great to get back into routine and have my biggest boy begin on a new and exciting adventure in his life, I wonder how Beau will cope with not having his big brother around for a whole five hours a day. Beau won't begin in preschool until September 2019, so he has another year at home with me and he has no friends his own age - he just joins in with Tyler with his, so hopefully we can find some other toddlers to play with.

So far we've had a great summer together and hopefully the boys will have lots more adventures and happy memories to remember over the coming weeks.


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