Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Starting School With Marks & Spencer ♥

*This is a collaborative post, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own.

My biggest boy is starting school this year - *cue the sound of my heart breaking just a little*. I swear I'm not old enough to have a primary school aged child... but somehow, here he is, my firstborn venturing out on a whole new adventure in his education.

He's so excited about the experience that lays before him. He's been talking about all of his little friends who'll be joining him in 'big school' (almost everyone from his preschool will be in his class and it's lovely that he already has a group of friends to enjoy his school days with), the new friends he's going to make, his new classroom and all the activities he's going to be able to do. It's lovely to see him excited about starting school, even if it is quite bittersweet for me as his mama.

One of the lovely parts of getting ready for school that I have been enjoying as his mother is picking up all his shiny new bits for starting school. As he's beginning in junior infants everything is brand new for him and my brand of choice for his school uniform has been Marks & Spencer.

I've shopped for the boys in Marks & Spencer for years and know that the clothing is really great quality, the pieces wash really well (a big factor for me when it comes to choosing clothing for the boys) and they're really good value for money too. So, it made perfect sense to get all of Tyler's school clothes and shoes from Marks & Spencer too. I'm safe in the knowledge that they'll last.

I picked him up a load of polo shirts as the junior infants will be wearing these for the most part. I chose the 2 pack of stain resistant polo shirts because I know my boy will probably get some food stains on those polo shirts and I'll need the stains to wash out with ease.

I also got him the cotton rich sporty joggers as they're perfect for sports and they're a lovely soft, stretchy material that I know he'll be comfortable in.

For his 'proper' uniform I picked up the 2 pack boys plus fit non iron shirts because I just don't do ironing and have no intention of starting! The fit on these are great as they're a bit looser, and more comfortable I think, for a child who's not really used to wearing shirts. The top button also has a Velcro close so it's easy for him to open on his own if he gets too hot, etc. I love that these will be crease-free straight from the dryer - I'm all for hassle-free school uniforms!

I also got him the boys skinny leg trousers and these really are true to size. I made the mistake of sizing up on these but the 5-6 really would have been perfect. They're such great quality and will hopefully be thick enough to withstand and falls in the playground - no holey knees here!

I picked Tyler up two pairs of school shoes as I think it's nice to have a bit of variety for him and it's probably a good idea to have more than one pair of school shoes for him anyway. I got him the kids leather school shoes which are quite cute with the little football design on the strap. These look great and are really comfortable with Freshfeet and Insolia Flex to keep his active little feet correctly positioned.

The other pair of shoes I got for him were the kids leather school shoes which look really sleek and I like the shape of them. They'll go perfectly with his trousers but still be comfy for him to wear.

I was able to get him everything he needed for his school uniform from Marks & Spencer and at really great prices too. I know that everything will last him and he'll be looking handsome in his uniform all year round.

I still can't quite believe that my baby is going to big school. I'm so glad I've gotten the school uniform shopping sorted this early in the summer holidays too - I don't think I've ever been so organised!

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