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How To Make the Return To School Easier For Everyone ♥

The idea of going back to school after a summer of fun, holidays, playing about and freedom from routine is, for many children, just a horrible idea. That said, other kids simply can’t wait to get back into the swing of things (I have a child who thrives at routine and seeing his friends everyday), but whether your child is one who gets nervous, anxious or irritable at the very mention of going back to the classroom, or one who is already excited about seeing their favourite teacher again and can’t wait to get into their school uniform once more, there are things that we as parents can do to help with their starting a new school year.

We all know that kids who have a healthy, nutritious start to the day will have more energy throughout the day, be able to better concentrate in class, and be less likely to suffer from mood swings or restlessness. So with that in mind, be prepared to ready breakfasts each morning that have a healthy blend of vitamins, minerals and proteins. Keep them tasty, practical, and not overly filling or oily.

Likewise, make sure that lunch is healthy too. Bento boxes are a great way to engage children in their food as the various compartments make it easy for them to take an interest in each different offering rather than a meal that quickly becomes samey or dull. Also, there are tons of great ideas out there for bento box creativity, including fun shapes for balls of rice, colourful blend of fruits and vegetables, and great recipes for simple, healthy snacks like devilled eggs, frozen yoghurt grapes and bananas, and smiley mango faces. Eats Amazing has lots of amazing, healthy and creative lunch inspiration for kids lunch boxes.

Classroom supplies
There’s nothing worse than two or three days before the new term starts and suddenly realising that there are loads of classroom basics that you still need to go out and get a hold of. Aside from the dense crowds of other anxious parents, the couple of days before the school routine starts up once more really need to be stress and hassle-free.

So rather than running around like a headless chicken with no time to spare, get out a pen and paper right now and make a simple list of the fundamentals: a couple of pens and pencils, erasers and sharpeners, notebooks, folders, binders and cases. Anything that’s not essential doesn’t have to go onto the list. Just make sure you have enough to comfortably get the kids through their first week or so.

Once you know you have all the most important supplies in place, you can relax a little, and know that the rest can all be done without any major issues.

Identifying issues
Is your child stressed at having to go back to school? If so, they are far from being alone, yet many of us fail to take our children’s anxiety seriously. If possible, try to get to grips with what the source of anxiety is – the prospect of adapting to a new teacher? A new subject? New classmates? Are they unconfident that they’ll be able to cope with a new schedule?

One thing that is often helpful is the simple reminder that all their other classmates are likely to be in the same position – feeling nervous in the days leading up to starting school again, but that once it’s underway, they’ll soon slip back into the school routine, just as they did the terms or year before.

Finding out about the upcoming subjects and topics that will be discussed and learned at school can also help put uneasy minds to rest. Reading Shakespeare in the months ahead? Why not sit down and watch a modern adaptation together on TV? Is Business Studies on the school agenda? Then why not find out about online businesses and digital marketing (see about SEO services here). Taking the time to calmly, sensibly talk about any concerns, as well as taking some small but constructive actions in response to those issues, can make all the difference.

Getting back into the old routine
Finally, be aware of the physical toll that a sudden shift in routine can take on a young person (or, for that matter, on anyone irrespective of their age). So although it might be an unpopular choice, it is important to carefully adjust your child’s sleep routine in preparation for those early starts.

So that means gradually putting an end to those late nights and mornings, and to start shifting sleeping patterns towards what is normal for the school week. That way, you can be sure that you’re doing your bit to help your son or daughter be as mentally and physically ready as possible for the first week of school when it comes along.

Do you have any tips for making the return to school days easier for everyone?

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