Tuesday, July 31, 2018

How I Would Decorate My Dream Bathroom ♥

I've shared my thoughts on the blog before about how I would decorate and style my dream home and one room which I wanted to focus on today is the bathroom.

Right now, for us as a family with two young children, the bathroom serves as a functional space rather than a luxurious one. It's main purpose for us at the moment is to wash the mud, dirt and adventures of the day off small children and to have them squeaky clean for bedtime. However, I'd love for the bathroom to be a more calming and relaxing space with little hints of luxury too, so that it could also be a place of sanctury, after all the chaos and splashing of the kids bathtime is over.

At the moment we live in a rented house and are unable to decorate how we would like, but we're currently saving up for our mortgage deposit and I can't help dreaming about how I would decorate each space in our own home (when we eventually have it!), especially the bathroom.

I've stated before about how I love shabby chic decor and have shared some shabby chic bathroom inspiration on the blog before. It's a style which I think works particularly well in the bathroom as it allows you to have all your bottles, lotions and potions on display, as well as some pretty touches such as frilled shower curtains and floral elements.

I would definitely have floral wallpaper in my bathroom - this can be made waterproof quite easily, as I can never resist a floral print and I think by living in a house with three males I'm entitled to have a little bit of femininity within our home decor somewhere!

Instead of a free-standing sink I'd like something to utilise the space a bit more by providing both a sink and a storage unit - like in the picture above. I love white furniture and this would fit quite well into the shabby chic theme of my dream bathroom too.

A free-standing antique bath would be the absolute dream - one like this would be amazing, I love the feet on it and the old taps. It would be the perfect bath to relax in with some lit candles, mood lighting and a Lush bath bomb or two!

My dream bathroom would have to have lots of shelves and places to display all of our lovely bath things. I'd love to have little patterned crockery and glass jars and bottles to display everything and have fresh flowers on display too - I love having fresh flowers around the house.

I'd have to have some nice new fluffy towels to have on display, as well as a heated towel rack for keeping us all warm and toasty after our showers and soaks. Trade Radiators have some love designs to offer.

These are just some of the decor ideas I have for my dream bathroom. I hope one day I'm able to materialise them and have that perfectly styled and relaxing space I'd love, for all the family to enjoy.

What elements would you have in your dream bathroom?

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