Sunday, July 08, 2018

Connecting Your Kin With Kestia ♥

*I was very kindly gifted this jewellery by Kestia.

Jewellery is such a personal thing isn't it? Everyone knows what they like when it comes to jewellery and for most of us, the pieces we own have some type of significance to them. Most of us form an emotional attachment to our jewellery, using it to symbolise a loved one, a precious moment or important event in our lives.
One brand which has embraced this emotional side of jewellery is Kestia. Kestia is an innovative lifestyle brand which offers a beautiful range of products designed to help family and friends strengthen relationships by expressing their emotions and creating meaningful connections - and what could be lovelier than this?

Kestia's symbol is the elephant - an animal which never forgets, and this significance is reflected in Kestia's range of jewellery.

Kestia's range is very heartfelt, offering pieces for precious life occasions such as births, separations and losses, which help to give a significance to the moment and help people to remember this time or loved one in their lives.

I was sent two beautiful pieces by Kestia - the Silver Bead 'Remember Me' Bracelet (£75), which is from the family collection and the Princess 'Remember Me' Bracelet in Pink (£29.99), which is from the separation collection.

Both of these bracelets are stunning and so different in their appearance. The Silver Bead 'Remember Me' Bracelet has been sent to me with a blue elephant charm to symbolise my sons. The bracelet has a contemporary look to it and is really quite dainty with it's little silver beads. It's the perfect bracelet for me to wear everyday and remember my boys with.

The Princess 'Remember Me' Bracelet (£29.99) is unlike any bracelet I have ever seen before. With it's ombre pink silk wrap around to tie in a 'forget me not', it's the perfect accessory to wear when you're separated from a dear friend or loved one and want to keep them close to you. 

I think it's the perfect bracelet to wear this time of year as it's so pretty and has quite a summery vibe to it. It's very unique and I love it.

I think Kestia offers such a beautiful range of jewellery and I just love the meaning behind each piece. Kestia is such a thoughtful brand and I love that their pieces incorporate love, precious memories and remembering those closest to us.


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