Friday, June 15, 2018

Tyler & Beau | Siblings {June 2018} ♥

Today marks two years since I began joining in with the Siblings Project, a photography project to take a picture of your children together each month.

This months pictures are a little different in the fact that I didn't take them, but they are just as special. Two weeks ago the boys had a photo shoot with the lovely Maria - @maria.momenttaker over on Instagram and she really captured their personalities through her photos. So, I thought them perfect to share for this months Siblings Project, to highlight just how different the boys are, but how much they love each other too.

These past few weeks we've had some glorious weather, meaning the boys have been spending lots of quality time together outdoors. They've had the best fun filling up containers with water, sitting and splashing in them, soaking absolutely everything and having a fab time running around.

We've also had a few outings to the beach, where the boys waded into the tide - Tyler holding onto Beau's hand so he wouldn't fall and hurt himself on the stones. They're the most adorable little brothers and I love witnessing these natural and heartfelt moments between them.

Beau is at an age where he wants to do everything his big brother is - climbing trees, running around with the big boys, going to school... these are the source of a lot of tearful moments for him, but for the most part Tyler is happy for him to join in, he's even asked me if Beau can come to school with him for a little while just to play in the tent.

It's sweet really and Tyler has begun getting a but concerned that Beau has no friends his own age - we don't know anyone with two year olds and he hasn't yet gone to a nursery, etc., so Tyler's friends are Beau's friends for now. I've reassured Tyler that he's Beau's best friend and that Beau is more than happy with him.

Even though they're still so young, I can tell that they're both going to be very different people, but their brotherly bond is strong and they've always had a genuine likeness for each other.

Tyler still speaks fondly of the time we 'got Beau from the hospital' and he's (for the most part!) very loving towards Beau, calling him a "cutesy baby" and making sure he's alright. Tyler is a very loving child and I think this trait has been amazing in him being a big brother.

So here they are, my two little wild and free boys, ready for all the adventures that their third summer together can throw at them. They're both rearing to go out early in the morning so I'm not sure how I'm going to entertain them for a whole nine weeks before Tyler begins in primary school, but I know they'll have the best time and make some wonderful memories with each other.

Here's a look back at two years of Tyler and Beau as siblings...



  1. Ah these are so gorgeous and they are looking so grown up! x

  2. Oh my goodness these are so cute like a magazine shoot for them. Look at those beautiful curls too. They look and sound like they have a blast together. #siblingsproject


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