Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Tyler & Beau | Siblings {May 2018} ♥

It's crazy how quickly this months Siblings Project date has come around. I remember last month completely forgetting about it and it really doesn't seem that long ago since then... the days are going by in a blur.

It's now nigh on impossible to get a picture of both of my boys together, well, looking at the camera at least, so I'm having to embrace the candid moments between them both.

They're still as close as ever, with Tyler still affectionately calling Beau 'Baby Beau'. He's thankfully stopped asking for a sibling, although he did ask his Dad if he could order one! And even though I have no plans to give Tyler he's much wanted new sibling any day soon, I do love that he asks because to me that means he loves having a little brother and relishes his role as a big brother. I couldn't ask for anything more perfect as a mother.

Now that Beau is older (2 on Saturday, wah!) and almost as tall as Tyler (the boy is tall!), the boys love to play games where they get to be active and interact with each other like chase, wrestling and Ring a Roseys is their new favourite. I still have times where I have to remind Tyler that Beau still is only small - even if he doesn't look it - but for the most part, Beau loves being chased and pushed onto the grass, he's all about the rough and tumble!

Beau sadly doesn't have any baby friends or much interaction with children his own age, so Tyler and his friends are his playmates. Beau loves Tyler's best friend as much as Tyler does and he's always keen to join in with their games - which he thankfully is welcomed into, well, most of the time anyway. Hopefully Tyler won't grow to see him as his annoying, tag along little brother - a stage I think all older siblings go through!

The boys are quite affectionate to each other, Tyler always being open for a kiss or cuddle and although Beau does love these too, it has to be on his terms. He's begun going up to Tyler and just giving him a cuddle for no real reason and it's the sweetest thing. Tyler is always open for affection and loves saying goodnight to Beau and giving him a goodnight kiss.

Even though the boys have different interests - Beau is a very stereotypical boy, where as Tyler is happy to play with anything at all, I've noticed that Tyler has now begun playing with the toy cars and football too, just so he can play with Beau and 'fit in' with the boys who play on the green in the front of our house. Although I do love seeing them play together I just hope that Tyler doesn't lose his individuality to try and be like the other boys.

I'm looking forward to my next month with these little scallywags. Hopefully we can get outdoors a lot and make some wonderful, summery memories together.

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  1. Lovely update about your pair and gorgeous photo's, as always! and oh my goodness I just adore their matching curls! x #siblingsproject


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