Tuesday, May 01, 2018

How Financing A Car Can Help With Family Life ♥

If you're like me, then your car is the most essential and most used tool that you own - it's an essential for the school run alone as Tyler's school isn't within walking distance to us at all! From taking the boys around the country for days out and experiences, to the more boring jobs like doing the weekly shop, I really would be stuck if I didn't have a car.

I was lucky enough to recently acquire a second car, so Jacek and me are not relying on each other or clashing schedules. This means we can both pick up the kids and have a sense of independence at the same time accommodating family life.

I know having a second car can seem like a luxury that is just not realistic when you are trying to run a household, but it can be much more affordable than you may have thought.

By getting a car on finance, you can choose the car that is best suited for your family and get a car that may be out of your price range if you were paying in cash upfront.

If you are looking to finance your next car, you may have a number of options open to you. Arranging your finance through the dealership is often the best way to fund your purchase and offer advantages to borrowing from a bank or other loan provider.

We arranged finance with Imperial Car Supermarkets, the process is quick and easy and approval can be turned around in minutes! They handled all the necessary paperwork so we just picked the car we wanted and we were away!

It has made our lives so much easier having a second car and has also been a bit of luxury as the car we chose would have been out of our price range if not for the finance option. It is also my little escape where I can be comfortable and relaxed whilst doing the daily commutes.

If you are starting a family or your family is growing, then I can’t recommend enough looking into financing a car that suits all of your needs and means that you can be comfortable, even if you have lots of children to ferry around! There are some great people carriers and SUV’s that are perfect for young families, easy to drive and really spacious - I'm now the owner of an SUV and loving it.

So I hope you take our advice and upgrade your vehicle through finance and make your life a lot easier, save money and have a car that is a better fit to your family life.

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