Sunday, May 20, 2018

Beau's 2nd Birthday ♥

On Saturday, May 19th, our beautiful baby boy turned two! Thankfully he was blessed with the weather for his special day and was able to be outside all day playing with his brother, cousin, Tyler's friend and his Daddy too - they all had such a ball out there.

We didn't want to get Beau too many gifts for his birthday, because the house is already flooded with stuff and we need a good clear out, but he's car crazy so we decided on a push along car that also has peddles for when he gets older.

We got him the Mini Cooper S, which we bought from Smyths toys and he was absolutely besotted with it. I don't think he got out of it all day!

We also bought him two dinky cars and some board books because the boy loves a good bedtime story.

I always get the boys cakes made by a local girl, Amy, who makes the most beautiful and delicious creations. I wanted Beau's cake to be personal to him so I got his beloved teddy sitting on top of it with a little dinky car, a book with 'The Tale of Beau's Birthday' on the front - a nod to Peter Rabbit and the same lovely apron, bow and flower design that was on his first birthday cake. It was stunning and so yummy too with a lemon sponge on top and chocolate biscuit cake on the bottom tier.

Beau absolutely loved his cake and recognised his teddy on it straight away. He enjoyed eating the dinky made of icing too!

One thing Beau wasn't too keen on was being sung Happy Birthday to. He burrowed into my shoulder when everyone was singing to him and didn't retreat until I helped to blow out his candles... It was his birthday though after all, so I think he was allowed to be a bit of a diva!

I had also order Beau some personalised Peter Rabbit biscuits and although sadly they didn't arrive on time, they were a lovely treat for him to have after his birthday. They're from Button's Biscuits over on Instagram and were £12 including delivery - I used Address Pal to get them delivered to Ireland and thankfully they survived the journey.

Our boy had a wonderful day and we were so grateful and thankful to everyone who came to celebrate with him. I just hope his third birthday doesn't roll around as quickly as his second one did!

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