Sunday, May 20, 2018

Beau Samuel James | Two Years Old ♥

My darling boy, you are now two years old. A big Happy Birthday to you!

I feel quite emotional at the fact that you're already two. You're still very much 'the baby', in every respect. You still make me feed you your baba, you love to be rocked to sleep, you carry your beloved Teddy around everywhere with you and you're still referred to as 'Baby Beau' - I'm not sure when that will end to be honest!

Like every two year old though, you love to demonstrate your independence and have run off quite a few times, thinking you're far bigger and braver than you really are. You always want to be doing what your big brother and his friends are doing and sadly, right now, you have no friends your own age, so joining in with all their fun and games is all you know. But you're more than happy being with them.

Your favourite things in the world right now (apart from Teddy of course) are cars. Cars are all we hear about all day and are all you want to play and look at. I'm pretty sure your first word was "car" or "car cars" as you call them. You take us by the hand multiple times a day to try and lead us out the front door, all so you can just look at the cars and sit in them. You may also have been the youngest spectator at the drifting!

You're the most boyish boy I know - a car or a ball and you're happiest.

You also have a great love of books. Anytime you disappear you can be found quietly sitting with a book, flipping through the pages and studying the pictures. You have so many books now and always love your bedtime stories. You love Peepo! - which I think may have been written just for you as you remind me so much of the baby in it and Ten Little Fingers, Ten Little Toes. I hope you'll always love books.

These days you're really trying to join in with other children, you approach them at the playground and get a bit confused if they're not open to playing with you. You openly give cuddles and are becoming so affectionate - before affection was only given on your terms only, much to Tyler's overly-cuddly dismay. Some days I worry that you have no playmates your own age and that maybe I should start you in a playgroup, but then I realise that you have plenty of time for that and right now it's nice to have one-on-one time with you in the mornings whilst your big brother is at school.

We go for walks - you're the best walking partner, you love being in your buggy and you're my company as we go out and about. We have a little routine going on and I think I'll miss you greatly when you begin pre-school in September 2019.

You also love to dance, the minute the 'Groovy Moves' section comes on on Show Me, Show Me and you're off. You also love dancing to Boney M's Rasputin, you little disco dude! Funnily enough though I think you're going to be a metal fan just like your Daddy and I. You love being rough and wouldn't be out of place in a mosh pit!

You're as crazy as that wild head of blondish red hair you have - which is a nightmare to brush by the way! You're such a joy and great fun though. Such a colourful and cheeky personality you have.

Beau, I love you. You are my baby boy, the most boyish boy of all and I couldn't be prouder of you. You were a dream baby, always happy and you filled my world with such happiness. You're now a gorgeous, cheeky and very happy little toddler who still gladly gives me kisses and cuddles and who loves to hold hands. You're a little babe and I love you so much.

These last two years with you have been so lovely and I'm so glad to call you my son. I look forward to all of the other adventures we're going to have together in the years to come.

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