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7 Out of the Ordinary Photography Niches To Pursue ♥

Photographer - Annie Spratt

*This is a collaborative post.

If you’re a photographer just starting out in the industry, initially, you may find it difficult to set yourself aside from the competition. Photography is a competitive industry with a wealth of talented artists within it, however, this shouldn’t discourage you from pursuing your passion.

Finding the perfect photography niche is a great way to distinguish your work from the competition, and work on your passion at the same time.
However, which is the best niche to go for? If you want to turn your photography hobby into a fully-fledged career, you’ll need to pick a niche specific enough to showcase your unique photography. However, you’ll also need to make sure that it is not so obscure that there is no demand for your work.

To help you make that all important decision, the camera enthusiasts and protective camera case providers over at Peli UK are offering up some of their top suggestions for unique photography niches that you could pursue. Read on to discover what these are.

1. Liquids
Exclusively photographing liquids may seem like a ridiculous notion, however, these picture-perfect shots are used in many major retail campaigns. Therefore, this could be a big earner should you choose this niche.

Photographing pouring and splashing liquids also presents lots of opportunities for creativity, so it’s likely that you’ll have room to experiment and show off your skills in this niche too.

2. Holidays
If you’re a fan of travelling and exploring new countries, holiday photography may be the perfect niche for you.

An increasing number of families, couples and individuals are looking to the professionals to capture their special holiday memories. This provides you with the opportunity to travel for work, perfect your craft, and help your clients capture the special moments in their lives.

3. Medical photography
This is not a career for the squeamish, however, medical photography is a viable option for those looking to capture truly unique and varied subjects.

Medical photography can involve anything from taking pictures of hospitals and labs for commercial purposes, to photographing medical patients for scientific records.

4. Alcohol
Alcohol or drinks photography is fairly common these days, however, there’s plenty of room in the market for a new photographers looking to pursue this niche.

Alcohol photography encompasses everything from working on big brand campaigns, to creating unique cocktail images for your local bar’s menu. So there’s plenty of room for creativity within this niche.

5. One colour
Do you have a favourite colour to photograph? If so, why not make this your niche?

Pink, yellow, white or green; whichever colour you opt for is sure to catch the eye of potential clients and photographers alike, allowing you to set yourself aside from the competition.

6. Kids toys
Toy photography presents lots of opportunities for creativity and experimentation. With a creative backdrop and a bit of know-how, you could turn any ordinary toy into a unique photography subject.

7. Technology
In a society where technology is at the forefront of our lives, there is an increasing demand for technology photographers to capture the changing times. This includes scientific technology, intricate hardware and of course, commercial technology.

My favourite photography niches are people and nature. To see more of my photography click here or view my Instagram feeds @dollydowsie and @fawnsandfables.

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