Friday, May 04, 2018

5 Amazing Gifts That Aren't Things ♥

The art of gift giving can be a bit of a minefield can't it? The amount of time I've spent agonising over what to get people for birthdays and Christmas, when my gift will probably just end up unused, in a pile to go to the charity shop one day is quite a depressing thought!

These days I shun material gifts in favour of experiences and memories that will last a lifetime, as I find these will be much more well received and remembered.

Today I'm sharing five amazing gifts that aren't things and hopefully they'll give you some gift inspiration if you're planning or treating a special loved one or friend in your life.

The gift of an experience anywhere in the world - sounds like quite an amazing gift, right? Well you're not wrong. Tinggly offers gift experiences anywhere in the world that are valid for up to two years. Their experiences are available in 100 countries around the globe and include everything from a romantic cruise in Paris for two to a James Bond island sightseeing experience in Thailand.

When you buy a Tinggly gift box you're giving your gift recipient the opportunity to choose from hundreds of experiences, so you really can't go wrong with this gift! Tinggly really does offer something for everyone and their experiences make the perfect 'I'll remember that forever' gift.

The gift of time - honestly, this is one gift that I think people dismiss completely, when in fact, it's probably what the receiver wants most. Time spent with loved ones or friends is time well spent, so even just gifting someone with a bottle of prosecco, a takeaway and a night of much needed chat and giggles can be the best gift anyone needs. I definitely need to 'gift' my time a whole lot more.

The gift of a day out - this is a gift which I always try and incorporate into my family's birthdays as I think nothing is lovelier than spending time together and discovering a new place. Whether it be visiting a different county, taking children to the local wildlife park or exploring historic sites you've never been to before, packing up a picnic and taking someone on a special day out can make for such a lovely gift and one they're sure to remember too.

The gift of travel - this is a gift that I love to get for my other half, especially for his birthday. He's a man who is extremely hard to buy for, so getting him tickets to discover another country or city is the best gift I could ever get him. I was gifted with a trip to Amsterdam for my 27th birthday and it's a gift I'll always remember. Gifting someone with train or plane tickets or a hotel reservation is such a wonderful gesture and is great for those with a sense of wanderlust.

The gift of music - when you think back on your life, what are things you always remember attending? For me it's all the concerts I've been to. They are nights I'll never forget and if anyone was to gift me with tickets to see my favourite bands I'd be a very happy lady. I still have fond memories of mine and Jacek's night at The Prodigy Live at the Marquee way back in 2014. Giving someone the gift of music is such a lovely thing to be able to do and it's sure to be a gift that they'll remember forever.


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