Tuesday, April 10, 2018

What the Boys Wore | Little Dots Shop Crown ♥

Children being children and handmade clothing are two things I love and am passionate about in life, so when these two things come together I'm in my element.

Tyler is an extremely imaginative child and he creates the wildest and loveliest scenarios for both he and his toys. It's so lovely to watch him and play and rely all his adventures to me. He reminds me so much of how I was as a child - always away in my own world and very happy with being there and I'm quite glad he's taken after me.

I want my children to be children. I want them to play, have fun, not worry, embrace adventure, have a thirst for knowledge and enjoy living a carefree life. I strive to help them have this experience of childhood in every which way I can and I want to nourish and encourage their imaginations.

A lovely lady recently reached out to me on Instagram. She has just begun her own shop, Little Dots Shop, selling the most adorable little handmade crowns. She very kindly offered to send my boys one of her gorgeous creations and I gratefully accepted.

I love handmade clothing and accessories for kids, there's just something so lovely about them, so this little crown was just my cup of tea. I've shared some of my favourite Instagram shops for handmade children's clothing on the blog before too if you fancy a look at the list.

So here is my biggest boy in the woods, totally content with being able to wear a hat of sorts for once - usually it's his baby brother that gets to have all the fun. I think he looks absolutely handsome with his blonde curls spilling out from his adorable crown.

The crown the boys were sent has a lovely 'wave' design on it and it could be reversible too. It ties with fabric ties - meaning it can be adjusted for both boys to wear too.

Little Dots Shop's beautiful fabric crowns are €14.29, which I think is so reasonable for something so whimsical and beautiful for kids. The crowns can also be personalised, embellished and made in many different fabrics.

I had a very happy little boy exploring the woods in his adorable crown. He looked like a right little prince indeed.

Tyler wears:
Crown - Little Dots Shop
Raincoat - Cath Kidston
Jeans - Dunnes Stores
Wellies - BOGS (as seen here)

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