Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Unique & Interesting Ceiling Decor Ideas For Your Main Rooms ♥

The fifth wall in many ways, it’s easy to forget about the ceilings in your home when redecorating. Or many people simply paint it white for ease. While in some cases this can be the best option and effective, if you want to be a bit more ambitious there are many tasteful ways to do so. You’ll need to invest in a good set of ladders, brushes and a few tins of paint and then you’ll be ready to start decorating every ceiling in your home in an interesting style.

Living Room
The style of living room ceiling you go for will depend on the rest of the room. Consider a tongue and groove wooden slat ceiling if you want that traditional, cottage feel. These are one of the easier types of planks to install and you can paint them a different colour when desired. In a similar vein, simple pale stripes can fit in well depending on your curtain and carpet patterns, or you could go for more ornate, hand-painted designs.

Children’s Bedrooms
Your kids’ bedrooms offer a great place to get creative and come up with a painted design that fits in with what they love. An easy yet effective idea is to paint a night’s sky (blue rather than black as that can be too dark) and dot it with glow in the dark stars, moons and spaceships. Or even a summer’s day sky can work, with birds, aeroplanes and more flying through the sky. Remember to add in extras such as hanging mobiles to complete the effect. 

The Kitchen
A tiled ceiling suits the kitchen or bathroom well in many cases. There are now plenty of different tile options available for interior ceilings too, including plastic and metal ones to suit different tastes and budgets. Otherwise, sticking with light colours is good in the kitchen as it conveys a sense of cleanliness which is essential. You could add a few stencils of animals, fruit and vegetables or anything else around the edges for a bit of extra uniqueness.

Dining Room
The dining room needs to have one of the most glamorous and impressive ceilings in your house, especially when throwing dinner parties. A chandelier is perfect for this. However, they don’t come cheap, so you may want to find a second-hand option or one that needs doing up. Hand-painted murals for a dining room ceiling add plenty of class as well, though again if you’re on a budget it’s probably best to use floral stencils or wallpaper. 

Master Suite
Your bedroom ceiling is probably the last thing you’ll see before going to sleep at night, so it needs to be good. Patterned borders, polka dots or a covering of gold leaf can make this happen. For a relatively quick, easy and effective option a painted medallion around the lightshade will work, plus you don’t even need to repaint the rest of the ceiling in most cases.

Don’t ignore the ceilings in your home when it’s time to redecorate as they get spotted by more people than you might think and have a big impact on your home’s overall atmosphere.

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