Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tyler & Beau | Siblings {April 2018} ♥

Wah! I forgot about this months Siblings project! You'd think after almost two years of recording my boys and their relationship through pictures and words that I'd always have it in the forefront of my mind... not this month, until I saw the date and realised I was two days late. Better late than never though!

This month has been a bit of a strange one really. The weather has been absolutely awful - cold, wet, dull, gloomy and not in the least bit enticing to get outdoors. We have gotten out and about, but not as much as I'd have liked and honestly, I don't think I can cope with anymore mud in the car, on the boys clothes or around the house.

The boys have spent a lot of time together this month, with Tyler off pre-school for a whole two weeks for the Easter holidays. Those were a long two weeks, let me tell you. These boys are the type who need to be outdoors burning off energy and bad weather means that doesn't happen. I think it's lovely that they got to spend so much time together though.

Tyler and Beau are completely different with their interests - Beau is car crazy and Tyler loves play pretend and imaginative play with his playsets and characters, yet they still get on quite well.

Beau's new thing is to walk up to Tyler and just hug him out of the blue - he's also done this to Tyler's friends. It's so lovely to see and I really do love seeing my boys being affectionate towards each other.

Tyler is such a great big brother and has taken on this role so well ever since Beau was born. He worries about Beau so much and asks for him when he's not around. He misses him and wants to wake him up when he's napping - which I of course don't allow, but it's nice that he wants to be near him nonetheless.

The other day we had lunch out and Tyler was sharing his food with Beau, making sure that Beau had the same amount as him, it was so sweet. I love seeing these little interactions between them, it makes me happy seeing them be brothers and best friends of sorts.

Tyler is dying for Beau to sleep in his bed with him, sadly Beau hasn't reached this stage yet, but hopefully one day soon they can have a little sleepover with each other. I'd actually love to have them sharing a room, I think they'd love it.

Hopefully this next month will bring good weather and lots of good times for these boys of mine.


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