Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Sylvanian Families Town Ride Along Tram & Maple Cat Family ♥

 *We were very kindly sent these Sylvanian Families toys, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own.

We're big fans of Sylvanian Families in this house and we love adding to our collection. I say 'we' as I actually love the little characters just as much as my boys do.

Sylvanian Families have recently launched their 'Town' series, which features a whole host of glamourous looking buildings - including a department store, lots of lovely characters and accessories and so many things to enter a whole new world of play. The Town series has such a Parisian/European city vibe to me and I love it!

Tyler was sent the Ride Along Tram (€34.99) to try out and honestly, it's such a great toy! Beau has also gotten great enjoyment out of it, always loving the Sylvanian Families vehicles as they're big enough to play with properly and put characters in and out of.

The tram includes a console for the driver, seats, tickets, a hat for the tram driver, a collection bin for tickets and a tram stop sign. The different parts can be moved within the tram and the doors open and close. The tram itself has such a gorgeous old-fashioned look to it.

The top of the tram is open, letting children place their Sylvanian Families in and out very easily. The wheels of the tram move along very smoothly and it's such a sweet toy. It's also larger than I thought it would be - which is a good thing!

Tyler loves the tram. He gets the jist that it's like a train and puts the Sylvanian Families characters inside it to go for a ride. It's very sweet and I love that it's a whole new aspect of play for him with his Sylvanian Families collection.

Tyler was also very kindly sent a new Sylvanian Family for his collection - the Maple Cat Family (€23.99) This family is just adorable with their bright orange fur and colourful clothes.

This is a four character family set, comprising of father Theodore Maple, mother Georgina Maple, brother Jasper Maple and daughter Millie Maple. This is such a sweet addition to our collection of Sylvanian Families families.

I highly recommend the Ride Along Tram for kids who love the Sylvanian Families vehicles but who are also looking to have a new sense of imaginative play. The Maple Cat Family is also a lovely family to have as part of child's Sylvanian Families collection too. Their bright clothes and fur are so cheerful!

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