Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Chicago With Kids: Things To Do in the Windy City ♥

Chicago is one of the greatest cities in America, so, if you’re looking for new destinations for your wanderlust wish list (especially when travelling with your kids), this is the place to be.

Most of the main attractions are localised in the downtown area so getting from A to B isn’t too much of a problem - again, helpful when you have kids in tow - and there is much to see and do for all ages.

If you’re thinking about heading to the Windy City this summer or beyond, book yourself into one of the many hotels in the city - the Hotel EMC2 looks lovely - and check out some of the following attractions which are perfect for your family adventure.

The Chicago Botanic Garden
You will love the Botanic Garden for the vast acres of flowers, grapevines, and woodlands. The kids will love the place for the Nature Play Garden, where they can explore and play for hours on end.

There are educational events on all year round; perfect when you want to teach your children about the natural world. There are also bird watching sessions, wine-tasting for the grown-ups, and all manner of classes, from art to photography.

For adults and kids alike, this is a must-see destination. Oh, and if your kids are willing, you can also send them to one of the summer camps while you do your own thing elsewhere!

Chicago Children’s Museum
For kids aged 10 and under there is much to do at the museum. Geared towards the younger ages, your children can get hands-on with the dinosaur exhibition, paint in the art studio, become amateur inventors in the Tinkering Lab, and adventure play on a pirate ship. Kids often turn their noses up at anything classified as ‘educational’ - they don’t want to feel like they’re in school all holidays - but there is nothing dull or boring about the museum. This is learning made fun on an epic scale.

Maggie Daley Park
After all that learning in our previous attractions, it’s time to blow off some steam. Welcome to this action-packed venue where you and your children will be spoiled for choice in what to do next. Scale the heights of the climbing walls, zip around the park on roller blades or scooters, explore the enchanted forest, go ice skating (in the snowy months), and have a game of tennis or minigolf. You will be exhausted when you’ve done, so thankfully there are loads of picnic spots where you can eat and take a breather. Hours of fun, no matter what activities hold your interest.

Chicago Children’s Theatre
While there are plenty of theatre experiences to be had in Chicago, this is the place to be if you have young ones with you. Give them the taste of acting with one of the acting classes, or watch one of the many shows that run throughout the year. Whenever you visit, there will always be something to see, from adaptations to original material, often with life-size puppets which are guaranteed to thrill your young ones.

These are just a few suggestions on what Chicago has to offer, but there is so much more, from planetariums to aquariums and everything in between.

Blow through the Windy City with your family this summer and none of you will regret it!

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