Sunday, March 18, 2018

Tyler & Beau | Siblings {March 2018} ♥

March is upon us, the least spring-like March I've ever known in my twenty-eight years. So, when a sunny, milder day came upon us, I knew I had to take the boys out and about and try to get some photos for their siblings project - a project I've now been participating in for twenty-two months, how crazy the time flies by!

The boys this month have been holed up together indoors a lot, something that is completely foreign to us being outdoor lovers. Although the boys have lots of similarities and still get on quite well, this past month their differences have really begun to stand out for me too.

Tyler is the more sensitive, emotional and sweetheart of the duo. He says the loveliest things, always wants to be a helper, still loves his imaginative play and yearns for someone to chat to and play with. Beau is the crazy one of the duo and I imagine him to be a right character when grows up. His new thing is stage diving onto me, over his brother, on the couch. The boy has no fear!

Beau is still very much the baby though and has become very clingy this past month due to illness and general whinging. Tyler has also become very attached to me - I don't know if it's due to having to be kept off school due to the heavy snow or what but he really doesn't want to be without me. They both rely on me and crave for me so much and at times it can be tough having to share my time between the both.

For the most part the boys get on well, although Beau doesn't really like to be touched by anyone who isn't me - he's a bit prickly that way, whereas Tyler is always up for a cuddle. There are moments when Beau goes over to Tyler and strokes his hair or face though and it's the sweetest thing. These adorable and heart-warming sibling moments usually happen in the bath, when both of them are relaxed, content, happy to splash about and dance to Boney M's Rasputin - I need to catch them on video doing this, just to show them in years to come.

Tyler is now at an age where he can have friends over for play dates and Beau delights in this just as much as Tyler does. He loves following Tyler and his friends about the house and garden and trying to join in with their games - luckily they're all very accommodating to him. That's all I've ever wanted, a house full of happy and playful children and it's lovely to have people over. Tyler has grown up so much these past few months, I can't believe the change in him. He's such a lovely big brother - always wanted to see Beau in the mornings and saying goodnight to him, chatting to him in the car on the way to school and saying - "aww you're so cutesy baby Beau" and making up answers to the questions he asks Beau. He still calls him 'Baby Beau' or 'Beauzie Potatoes' and it's just adorable!

I hope Beau will learn to warm up more to his big brother's affections in the coming months. Tyler really does try with him and gets a little disheartened if Beau pushes him away. They really do get on quite well though and I love watching them play together. Photographing them together is now a tough job, but I think these turned out okay.



  1. Gorgeous photos lovely, I had visions of snowdrops and daffodils this month too and it has been so far from that hasn't it!

    1. Thank you so much Laura. No, it really hasn't been spring-like at all. Such a shame.


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