Tuesday, March 20, 2018

FurReal Friends Shaggy Shawn | Review ♥

 *We are part of the Habsro Toy Tribe and were sent this toy for the purposes of this feature, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Recently I was asked if the boys and I would be interested in joining the Hasbro Toy Tribe, and with two little boys who love playtime I was only delighted to say yes!

When it came to choosing the boys' first toy to test out Tyler settled on the FurReal Friends Shaggy Shawn (€29.99) the moment he saw him.

Shaggy Shawn is the most adorable looking dog in need of a bit of grooming and comes with a razor to help you style his locks in different ways. The razor included with Shaggy Shawn is a great little toy for promoting role play and Tyler had great fun pretending he was working in a hairdressers - only for dogs of course! It makes a buzzing sound and vibrates just like a real razor and he was taken with it so much that he even brought it to school to show his friends how to style Shaggy Shawn.

Shaggy Shawn is the perfect pup for grooming, with the tuft of hair on the top of his head that you can style into a mohawk or side-parting and his long beard that you can make into handlebars, Tyler has had a lot of fun styling him.

Shaggy Shawn has big, adorable looking puppy dog eyes and the minute Beau saw him he was so taken with him, giving him cuddles and not wanting to leave him out of his sight. Beau absolutely loves dogs and this is his first doggie toy, so it's extra special to him.

Shaggy Shawn makes happy, yappy sounds as you style his hair and he actually sounds pretty adorable. He always makes Beau smile with his sounds and as a mother I love seeing him enjoy a toy so much.

Shaggy Shawn requires 3 LR44 button batteries which are included - always handy to have the batteries included so that the kids can just get on with playing with their new toy instead of waiting for their parents to faff about looking for some.

This toy is aimed at children 4+ but honestly, Beau is only one and is absolutely besotted with it. Beau just gives it cuddles and carries it around.

Tyler on the other hand, has great fun pretending he's working in a dog grooming salon and loves styling Shaggy Shawn's hair and playing with the razor.

I'd highly recommend Shaggy Shawn if your child loves dogs, likes to play pretend and having a super cute friend to carry around with them.


  1. Cute! Seems like a great toy for pretend play and leading on to some great conversations about different careers such as dog grooming and hair dressing!

  2. My little boy adores dogs so this would be right up his street, though maybe when he's a little older!


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