Monday, February 12, 2018

Cosmic Unicorn Cupcakes ♥

On Sundays we bake. Well, now and again that is. I'm trying to avoid all the sweet treats whilst my very keen and very sweet-toothed Tyler is delighted at the prospect of whipping up something yummy in the kitchen.

Like all four year olds (I only get to say that about him for another three days so I'm hanging on to that age for dear life), his favourite thing to do is eat all the icing and sprinkles off the top of the cake and then neglect the unadorned piece of sponge. One day he might too learn that that's probably the best bit!

We made lemon cupcakes, not from scratch because, well... at home alone with two wild boys who just want to be doing something all the time, it doesn't leave much room for time consuming recipes, so a Betty Crocker cake mix it was.

I iced the top of the cupcakes with a vanilla spray icing from Dr. Oetker - I had wanted the pink but it wasn't to be found in three big name supermarkets I went to. Also, whoever invented spray icing - I salute you! Piping bags just aren't my friends... and the mess!

For the unicorn vibes to our cupcakes we used the Cosmic Unicorn sprinkle mix from Baking Time Club. A gorgeous mix of pink, blue, white and silver sprinkles including sugar strands, stars and large and small ball pearls, they were the perfect topping to bejewel or cupcake creations with.

I went a bit overboard with the sprinkles really, they're all over the house... but they were pretty and delicious so it's okay, right?

The lemon flavoured sponge topped with the creamy vanilla icing and pastel coloured sprinkles made for a yummy treat that I think is actually perfect for springtime.

Cosmic Unicorn loveliness that made for a very happy little boy ♥


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