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6 Ideas For A Beautiful Garden

For many people all over the world, their gardens bring joy, fulfillment, healthy habits and an area to relax and unwind. However, not all gardens offer these benefits. You really have to plan to create the kind of garden that suits your home, needs and real-life situation.

This is why we have written this (non-exhaustive) list of garden types, and what kind of people they are best suited to. I also included some tips on implementing the ideas associated with these garden types so you can give them a go if you’d like to. I've spoken before about my dream garden, but honestly, I love the sound of all the gardens below and would love to create spaces like this in my own garden when we eventually do own our own house.

Vegetable garden
Health-nuts or foodies are generally the kind of people who aspire to have a vegetable garden. They are sometimes also eco-conscious people who want to reduce their reliance on supermarkets and gas-guzzling transportation routes to get their weekly veggies. However, it’s unrealistic to think that this will completely supercede your shopping trips.

If you have a full-time job and other time consuming responsibilities, your vegetable garden won’t provide enough sustenance for you to live off alone, at least in the first few years. These things take time to develop, as does your expertise. Start out with easy classics like tomatoes and squashes, and expand your repertoire from there.

Interior garden
This is for the people who don’t absolutely love the outdoors, or don’t have enough space for a proper garden, but adore the effects that greenery has on their brains. If you’re not keen on venturing out to the garden to pull weeds on a nippy March morning, perhaps you’d rather start your gardening endeavor inside your home first. Certain plants do truly thrive indoors like the snake plant, bromeliad, rabbit’s ear, rubber plant or cane plant.

You can give it a go with a simple herb garden. This is a good way of figuring out if gardening truly is for you, or whether you’d be happier finding another hobby. Or perhaps you’re just an eternal interior gardener! That is totally peachy as well.

Sensory garden
Sensory gardens are best suited to small children or those with disabilities. These gardens are designed to stimulate the senses and offer a wide range of experiences to those who need it most. If you are a meditation and mindfulness enthusiast this might also be the garden for you, to meditate and sit quietly in.

Think about the senses you want to stimulate - fountains and sturdy rustling grasses for the ears and touch, sweet smelling flowers for the nose, herbs to taste. Don’t forget colourful plants and decorations! This can also be incorporated with other garden types very easily - so long as you avoid sharp and poisonous plants of course.

Relaxing garden

Being able to enjoy the outdoors from your garden is such a lovely thing and although gardens can be a lot of work and maintenance to keep beautiful, it's important to spend time relaxing in your garden too.

Some elements for a relaxing garden are water features, hammocks, outdoor tables and chairs to enjoy food and drink on a beautiful summers day.

Decorate with outdoor lights for enjoying your garden on summer nights, ornate wind chimes and bird feeders can all add to the relaxing element you want to create in your outdoor space.

Entertaining garden
Are you the life of the party, the centre of the circle that loves to have their friends together and having a fantastic time? You might really enjoy a garden that is catered towards entertaining your loved ones. If you have had trouble creating a truly welcoming space for your guests in the past, you might think about re-doing your garden with this in mind.

These types of gardens usually require more hard landscaping than your average garden since they include the addition of cooking and sitting spaces which are best established on flat, sturdy surfaces. Ask a gardener for advice.

Pet-centric garden
Those of us that are pet-obsessed may have entertained the idea of creating a space dedicated entirely to our beloved furry friends, and if your garden doesn’t serve a specific purpose already, why not do some redesigning to make it all about them?

Of course this will depend on what kind of animal you have, but you have to make sure first and foremost that everything you have in your garden is safe for your animal to chew on, swallow or play with. Then, make sure they have somewhere clean and protected to relax. They should also have a stimulating play area that suits their personality.

With an expert’s advice or not, creating your ideal garden is up to you. It will take some self-reflection and organisation, but it is entirely within your reach to create an outdoor space that really makes you happy.

What would your dream garden be?


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