Friday, February 23, 2018

4 Storage Ideas For An Organised & Tidy House ♥

Controlling possessions so they don’t overtake our living space is one way of creating a more peaceful home life. Storage, along with one or two tricks for having loads of possessions AND plenty of space at home, is the answer to most clutter dilemmas.

Shelving Works Everywhere
From hallways to bedrooms and everywhere in between, a shelf is a real space saver.

In bedrooms - display perfume bottles or other pretty toiletries on a shelf above a tallboy or dressing table. Fit hooks beneath so you can hang, store and display jewellery.

In childrens rooms - fit shelves at an appropriate height so kids can reach them. They’re good for books, games, soft toys or school stuff. I use cubed storage units in my sons bedrooms and they're the perfect storage solution. Have a few colourful coat pegs on the wall under the shelf where small children can hang coats, painting aprons or dressing up clothes.

In kitchens - display attractive bake and cook ware on shelves and keep cabinets free for other things. Hang a spice rack on the end of a kitchen cabinet (or inside the cabinet door if there’s space) to keep wall space free.

In living rooms - put a long shelf on the wall behind the sofa for lamps or books. Put shelves in alcoves and use mirrors behind them to create a space illusion.
In Bathrooms - use shelves creatively to store spare towels, toilet rolls or bath products.

Finding Secret Spaces
Could you make better use of the space under the stairs? Would a shoe rack fit in there to save shoes littering the hallway, or how about a row of hooks to hang coats on if the space is tall enough.

One space you’d never normally consider is under the kitchen cabinets. Replace kickboards with sliding or hinged doors and you have lots of long, flat storage space.

Be choosy about what’s on display
If you normally have lots of items on surfaces, consider reducing the number. Pack away what you’re not using and put it in a storage unit near you so it’s out of temptation’s reach. You can do the same things with seasonal clothing, toys, sports kit or bikes and garden machinery and furniture. Many people find self storage is a good way of hanging onto things they love but don’t have room for all at once.

Self storage can also help you cut down on the number of new items you buy. Existing possessions seem fresh and new again when you haven’t seen them for a few months, so you’re more willing to wear or use them for a little longer. This doesn’t happen if they’re hanging around at home and you’re tripping over them every day.

Caring for Stored Items
Whether you’re storing things at home or in self storage, going about it the right way makes sure they come out of storage in good condition.

Use archival (acid free) boxes for photos or other precious items. The acid in some card and paper is what makes it turn yellow and brittle over time.

Make sure things are clean and dust-free before packing them away.

Wrap up fragile items in bubble-wrap, tissue or even an old towel for protection.

Don’t overfill any boxes you plan on putting into storage. The bottoms may fall out when they’re lifted, or you may find them too heavy to lift safely. Books are notoriously heavier than you expect.

If you’re storing machines like lawn mowers (or even bikes), clean off mud, grass or soil and oil the moving parts or chains to keep them rust free.

For clothing: don’t iron first or use starch as this can weaken seams and may cause ripping on the folded areas. Use plastic tubs for clothes rather than card or wood boxes, but make sure they’re not completely air tight, especially for natural fibres). Wrap delicate or special items in acid-free storage boxes.

Total harmony at home may not always be possible, but finding ways to keep things tidy and organised certainly helps save frayed tempers.

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