Thursday, January 18, 2018

Window Shutters: The Perfect Addition To A Child's Nursery or Bedroom ♥

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When you’re preparing a nursery for that little someone new, or redecorating your children’s room, it’s easy to overlook the window coverings. However, I've spoken to a U.K. shutter company who have convinced me that interior shutters are ideal for just such a happy occasion. When planning nurseries we naturally ogle over dreamy decor, delightful furniture and the sweetest little finishing touches, all of which shutters are the perfect partner for.

Safety first
One of the main selling points according to The Cheap Shutter Company is the safety aspect they provide. With curtains and blinds there is always a slight concern that the chords could get tangled, or flapping curtains can cause alarm for the wee ones. However with plantation shutters you have panels secured to the wall which are generally out of reach. There are no flapping parts or bunched up fabric to worry about, yet you still get complete light control. Blinds nowadays should adhere to the BBSA make it safe guidelines, but it’s easy to overlook chords when sleep deprived!

Colour matching and room coordination
All of our children are different and there are no shortage of ideas for nurseries to match their little personalities. From changing tables to favourite toys we can coordinate a room with the more fun side of interior design. Some of the wallpapers available for kids rooms are amazing so it should come as no surprise that a handful of shutter companies will colour match their products to go with your perfect hues. The picture here shows a completely custom painted rainbow! We think kids and babies would love this bright idea, but it’s only your imagination which will limit the possibilities.
Room darkening and light control

Having a newborn in the house creates a certain air of chaos for most of us. Our world turns into a nappy filled, caffeine induced sleeplessness. We concentrate on feeding, crying and everything we need to do for our children to be as happy as possible throughout this time. The last thing we want to do is be worrying about how bright a room is, or how dark it might be at the wrong times.

Window shutters are so versatile and easy to adjust controlling the light in subtle ways. A simple turn of one slat provides shade or light in the amount required. If your baby is sensitive to light (which they usually are) curtains can be laborious if the nursery gets direct sunlight. Newborns do need vitamin D but direct sunlight even through a window should be treated with caution. Read more about sunlight here.
There are also different types of shutters available for even more light control. Top panels can be adjusted independently with tier on tier shutters and most have the ability to swing open fully if desired. This means you’ll be able to make easy quick adjustments to the natural light. We are starting to agree that they might be the best window coverings for nurseries!

Difficult shaped windows
If your children's room has odd shaped windows, once again plantation shutters come to the rescue! They can be made to fit into just about any shaped window; from round, triangular to sunburst arches. So if you’re concerned about having nothing covering that little one’s window, don’t be!

If you're in search of even more inspiration for your little one's nursery, have a read of my post on Beau's Beatrix Potter inspired nursery or my post on 6 finishing touches for a vintage inspired nursery - which shutters would actually be a lovely addition to.


  1. Oh wow I love those rainbow ones!! They are amazing and would definitely brighten up a my bedroom.

    1. They really are amazing aren't they? I'd love them myself!


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