Monday, January 15, 2018

Tyler & Beau | Siblings {January 2018} ♥

It's the first Siblings post of the year! January is already flying by and I for one am glad of this fact. It's my least favourite of all the months, but we're making the most of it and trying to cram in as much adventure as we can.

Today, on the way to school, Tyler asked me for a baby sister who he said would be called 'Lily'. He said he wanted two babies - Beau and a baby sister, so I think I can be reassured that he loves being a big brother! He said I needed to eat lots of food to have a baby in my tummy, he's hilarious!

Tyler is still a bit rough with Beau, not realising that he's smaller and younger than him. He'd wrestle him to the ground if I let him! Beau does like the rough play too, but this past month I've noticed that he gets annoyed if Tyler goes near him without giving him an invitation to. They play and run around together, but if Tyler leans in for a hug, Beau is having none of it!

I've also noticed that Beau gets very jealous if I'm showing Tyler affection or have him on my lap. He immediately comes over to us, hands up and whinging to get up on my lap instead. I think his sibling rivalry is well and truly in bloom at the tender age of one!

When they're playing though they're adorable. They hop on Beau's ride-on car together and scoot along, they still play and bounce on Tyler's bed and they have great fun out in the garden running around with the football and chasing each other down the slide - albeit I have my heart in my mouth watching Beau go up and down the big slide!

Tyler still calls Beau a "cutesy baby" and is very caring towards Beau. He's such a great big brother, even though his roughness, and he absolutely dotes on his baby brother.

This month the boys have been running around Fota Gardens, throwing stones into drain pipes and hedges, climbing up and down stones steps and playing chase with their Dad. They also got to go to Blarney Castle again, where we spotted the snowdrops and daffodils in bloom. Sadly, getting a beautiful, whimsical pictures of both boys looking at the camera is impossible these days, but I still love these captures and they show their adventurous, excitable spirit perfectly.


  1. I must visit Blarney Castle castle. Been there 13 years ago. Time to go back. :) Beautiful photos. xx

    1. It's a gorgeous place but I really wasn't impressed by the price hike since only November, it's scandalous. Thanks so much Janine x

  2. Children say the most amusing things at times it's true. #siblingsproject

    1. They really do! They're the best entertainment :)

  3. These are gorgeous and look at those gorgeous snowdrops already! I sympathise with the rivalry too, mine are mostly so nice together but if one doesn't want a hug right then or when Roma started to get her opinion it is not to be rivaled. Saying that it does come and go and I hope they adjust soon x


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