Saturday, December 16, 2017

Tyler & Beau | Siblings {December 2017} ♥

Ah, December's installment of siblings crept up on me two quickly and I didn't get to capture those lovely festive photos I've been so wanting to yet. Instead, I've captured what my boys are essentially all about - the outdoors, exploring and each other.

This month my boys seem to have grown a lot closer than ever. I think this was probably down to Tyler having a few days off work due to Jacek having car trouble and having to borrow mine. The boys got to spend every day together without Tyler having to leave to go to school and I think Beau was delighted by this.

Beau also began walking and is now able to toddle around after Tyler, join him in playing in the playground and go exploring with him. These pictures were taken in the fairy wood and it was Beau's first time exploring it on foot. He was so cute walking after Tyler, catching up to him and exploring where his big brother was going.

At one stage they had a Father Ted moment where the two of them were running around a field, with Beau falling at intervals and they two of them laughing mad at each other. They're a pair of characters.

The two boys are very cute together. Tyler likes to get into Beau's cot with him in the morning and pretend that it's a 'swimming pool'. They also both go up to Tyler's bed and pretend it's a bus or a school with all the cuddly toys - Beau also thinks it's some kind of trampoline!

They both love to play kitchen and be outdoors getting mucky, but they're also completely opposite with their interests. Beau is what I would call a stereotypical boy and his loves in life are cars, balls and boxes. Tyler on the other hand loves playing house and imaginative play - that boy has the wildest imagination of anyone I've ever known.

No matter they're differences, they're still the best of friends. Tyler still checks on Beau and wants to be around him all the time. They're best buddies and the best of companions. Tyler never fails to make his baby brother laugh - as is evident from the above picture!

We'll shortly be entering into a new year and I'm excited to witness all the wonderful memories my little boys will make together.



  1. haha! Father Ted moment! Kids are the funniest!

  2. They are both adorable and you can easily see just how much they adore each other!

  3. Aww they are adorable, I love it when mine play nicely together

  4. Wow what a change in them especially Beau. Lovely photos Fiona. They always get up to so many adventures.

  5. Oh its so lovely to hear how well they're getting on! Such gorgeous photos as usual.


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