Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Moonjax Baby Teether ♥

*This is a guest post by Moonjax.
Moonjax is a brand new baby teether that babies are going head over fist for. Made with love and little 
ones in mind; for tiny hands to hold and little mouths to find, it is the only teether in Europe and the US
that is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved, as well as being BPA (bisphenol A) and dye free.

The Moonjax teether, which has been restocked after selling out last month, was invented by ‘mum on the ground’ 
Claire Ginn, who wanted to provide “pure design for peace of mind” for other mothers after noticing that
her teething daughter was finding other products either too awkward to hold, too dangerous or too large
for a baby’s mouth. Additional problems for Claire were that they were filled with dyes and colourants,
and she had begun to read about black mould appearing in other popular teether brands.

“Putting my background in art and design to use along with a minimalist approach, my daughter’s 
discomfort during teething created the motivation for me to create a smarter design,” Claire says. “I used
a 3D printer to make the prototype and with some further ingenuity Moonjax came to be! I knew I
wanted it to be a pure product that could withstand germs, would have no chemicals or dyes, be choke 
free and easy to handle.”

2.5” in diameter and 5” long, each Moonjax teether is made from medical grade silicone and also has 10 
‘teething wands’, measuring 1” long which is the perfect length for the choke free design. The teether
can be used from any angle and be easily maneuvered by awkward and uncoordinated baby hands,
making this product unique and setting it apart from all other teethers on the market. Putting the ‘moon’
in ‘Moonjax’, each teether has 16 crescent moons with the sole purpose of helping to soothe and
massage those little gums. It is recommended that Moonjax is washed with mild soap and warm water,
but it can also be placed on the top rack of your dishwasher and can be used with any baby product
sterilizers. Moonjax teethers may also be warmed and cooled for extra comfort and to soother sore

 Moonjax has garnered rave reviews from parents and their little ones. It is available to buy here.

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