Monday, December 18, 2017

6 Products You Need For An At Home 'Makeover' ♥

It's one of those rare nights when your kids and spouse are out of the house and all your responsibilities are on pause (albeit briefly, but still it's such a treat when this happens!). You finally have the time to relax and look after yourself - instead of spending your nights trying to persuade small people to go to sleep!

I love these rare nights, they're the perfect excuse to pamper yourself and make yourself feel human again. Here are six products you need for an at home 'makeover' that are sure to make you feel refreshed and a bit more like yourself again. 

Whiten Your Smile
A bright smile can light up any room.. If you want to help keep your teeth their best between dentist visits you can pick up some whitening products. Keeping your teeth white begins with a good toothpaste and mouth care regime, though whitening strips and similar specialised products can pick up the slack as well and give you those pearly white teeth you've always wanted.  

Shape Your Brows
Your eyebrows do more than keep moisture out of your eyes - did you even know this was what they were for?! I didn't until now (how have I gone through life without knowing this?!) They also frame your eyes, providing almost an introduction to your face for people that you meet.

Of course, few are entirely happy with the brows that nature has provided; those with thick hair long for a lighter look, while those with sparse brows often wish for something more substantial - I'm the latter kind. If you have too much brow, there are plenty of ways to trim it up, starting with just taking some appropriate clippers to them. If your problem is that of less volume, eyebrow extenders can come to your rescue. 

Give Yourself A Facial
Sometimes the 'makeover' classics just can't be beat. A facial is not just a way to brighten up your skin; it is also a method of clearing up the residue of any makeup you wear daily, peeling off the layers of caked oils that could be blocking off your pores and keeping your skin from breathing.

I love getting a face mask from Lush from time to time, it's such a treat for the skin and really helps my complexion look a lot brighter and healthier too.  

Change Your Scent 
If you've been using the same old perfume for years, it may be time to see what else is on the market. Perfumes cover a wide range of scents and with new products being introduced all the time, there is a scent out there that is guaranteed to please everybody. 

Brands like Amway go through an extensive process and numerous variations to create unique, handcrafted scents. If you already have a signature scent that you love, check alternate brands with similar scents to give yourself some variety.

Plump Your Lips
Botox, collagen procedures and lip fillers remain popular for keeping lips luscious and full, but if you are looking for some improvement in that area without the expense and risk, there are several beauty products on the market that will help make your lips plumper.

Most of these products work by helping keep a healthy blood flow in the area, which can give your lips a blush tint. Picking up some lip plumpers is a subtle yet surprisingly effective way to keep yourself youthful. My favourite back in my college days was Too Faced Lip Injection, I must try and find it again.  

Change Hair Colors
If drastic change is what you are in the market for, few things can radically change your look as much as a change in hair color. Dying one's hair is nowhere near as uncommon as once it was; in fact, in many places, extreme hair colors are more acceptable in public than ever and almost-weekly color changes are viewed as normal.

You'll probably need to check your desired color against your skin and make sure the look works on you, though if you are going for a more unnatural color it is less of a concern. I've been a regular at dying my hair at home for years now and it's been fun trying different colours over the years - my cotton candy hair was definitely my favourite, although my blue hair was quite fun too.  

These six simple products can really make you feel like a whole new you and honestly, as a busy mother, it's great when you get a chance to pamper yourself and feel like your old self again.

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