Thursday, November 16, 2017

Tyler & Beau | Siblings {November 2017} ♥

Another month, another siblings update and my goodness, aren't the months just racing past us? It's almost the end of the year already - scary!

The boys are still spending a lot of time with each other and although we're still waiting for boy to start fully-fledged walking, he's well able to cruise his way around the house and do almost everything is big brother is able to - climbing up the ladder of the big slide, make his way around the big playthings at the playground and even climb up trees! Tyler, of course, takes great delight in all this.

As the days go on I detect more and more jealousy and attention seeking from both boys. They both want me all the time and I find that one gets upset if I'm with the other. It's been tough trying to balance my time between them both as they're both in very different stages of their development, but I try to focus on Beau in the mornings when Tyler is at school and then have lunch and playtime with Tyler when Beau is napping in the afternoon.

The boys get on for the most part, although Beau gets really annoyed if Tyler is at him or annoying him, which he is most of the time if I'm honest. It can be hard going with all the constant whinging and I seem to spend my days forever saying - "Leave him alone!". Hopefully this is all just a phase and Tyler grows out of it soon because it's draining having to repeat myself all day.

When the boys do play with each other nicely it's absolutely adorable. Beau often goes to join Tyler on his bed and they both love bouncing up and down on it as if it were a trampoline. They're both as rough as each other and have absolutely no fear - which is a little bit heart-attack inducing for me!

Their new found love is Fireman Sam and they're quietest when they're sitting on the couch together watching the cartoons. Tyler likes to pretend that he and Beau are the different characters. Tyler also has an imaginary friend called Matthew who he pretends joins him and Beau in their games too.

This months siblings picture was taken on a recent trip to the beautiful Blarney Castle. Both boys love their daddy throwing leaves over them... it really is the simple things that make them happy.


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